Don't Let These Money Fears Spook You

Goblins and poltergeists have got nothing on foreclosure notices and layoff memos when it comes to fright factor. But you needn’t be paralyzed by potential money problems. Instead you should anticipate possible meltdowns and plan coping strategies.

Financial Highway lists seven common money fears, as well as ways to deal with them.

Here’s a sampling of financial hang-ups and how to deal with them:

*Fear you’ll never have enough money — You’re probably right, so focus on living within your current means rather than breaking the bonds of your budget and piling up debt.

*Fear of losing your job and not being able to generate income — Sketch out a plan for what you’d do if you lost your job today. The confidence in knowing all would not be lost if you got canned should reduce your stress level.

*Fear of talking about money — Start by bringing up financial issues to those you trust the most. You might find they have more in common with you than you thought and can offer valuable insight.

What money fear keeps you awake at night?

7 Most Common Money Fears: How To Overcome Them [Financial Highway]

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