Coca Cola: We Don't Need To Make A Cane Sugar Version Because You Already Have Mexican Coke

A few weeks back, we asked readers if they would buy a cane sugar version of Coca Cola and an overwhelming 89% of you said “yes.” So Consumerist asked Coke if the company had any plans to introduce non-HFCS version — a la Pepsi Throwback — on a national scale. The answer — no, because we already have Mexican Coke.

“We already provide a Coca-Cola with sugar in the U.S. – is Coca-Cola from Mexico and it’s available year round,” Greg Galvez, vice president and general manager of Importation and Commercialization, Coca-Cola North America, told Consumerist.

Galvez appears to contradict himself on the topic of cane sugar vs. High Fructose Corn Syrup.

First he tells us that the reason for going national — though only “in select grocery stores and bodegas that appeal to a high percentage of Hispanic consumers” — with the cane sugar Mexican Coke was that: “For some Hispanics, the familiarity of Coca-Cola with cane sugar and in a tall glass bottle they recognize is a reassuring ‘piece of home.'”

But then, when asked if there is any difference in taste between Coca Cola sweetened with cane sugar and Coke with HFCS, he replied that “our research shows that there is no perceptible taste difference between the products. Whether sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or sugar, a Coke is a Coke and both are ‘the real thing.'”

If one of the reasons Hispanic immigrants drink the Mexican Coke is the cane sugar, doesn’t that imply that there is a difference in taste? And if there’s no taste difference between the two, then the only reason to import or drink Mexican Coke is because it’s in a glass bottle?


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  1. chemmy says:

    I found that the Big Lots in Stockbridge, GA carries Mexican Coke for $1/bottle. Haven’t tried it yet…

    • TheUncleBob says:

      $1/Bottle. 12 oz bottle. That seems to be about the standard price. Sam’s sells the 24 pack bottles for $18.

      In comparison, Coke only sells the 12 oz cans of Crap-Coke for what, fifty cents? seventy-five cents? 24 packs of cans for $6-$8?

      No wonder Coke is happy sending us supplies of Mexi-Coke. At the prices they’re able to charge, they’ve got to be making a killing.

  2. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    Dear Coke.

    Fu@k you.

    • chefboyardee says:

      AGREED. Mexican Coke is VERY hard to find in rural Pennsylvania.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      I would buy it if I could find it. Their opnion sucks! They don’t want masses to buy it because they know they limit the mexican coke and it can’t become mainstream.Everything they seem to do has been going to squat. that includes the cokerewards program, I QUIT and switched to gatorade.

    • dreamfish says:

      They should go fuak themselves?

    • CookiePuss says:

      Screw Coke and the polar bear they rode in on. Chinga un oso!

    • Red Cat Linux says:

      Remember… these are the same corporate geniuses who thought New Coke was a brilliant idea.

      • Griking says:

        Its the same company but I highly doubt that it’s the same people. After all, new Coke came out 25 years ago in 1985.

      • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

        and truly honestly, drinking a can/bottle of HFCS-laced Coke “classic” when I last visited the US tasted almost identical to my recollection of “new” coke when Bill Cosby proclaimed it as “the best tasting Coca-Cola ever.” If you remember those ads, I pity you as much as I pity me, just as much as drinking “new” coke, or corn-syrup ladened Coke.

    • Mr.Grieves says:


      Lol. I know what you mean but lol. I also agree with you too.

  3. jeffjohnvol says:

    If they (US Govmt) would get rid of the sugar tarrifs it would be affordable for Coke to go back to sugar and get rid of HFCS.

    • WiglyWorm must cease and decist says:

      Plus, corn prices would go down and corn ethanol may become viable.

      • jeffjohnvol says:

        hate to get off topic, but corn based Ethanol is a huge waste. Much better to go with closed loop algae bioreactors. Uses much less water, makes oil directly and the crop doubles every day. Oh, and it sucks up CO2, although I don’t believe in CO2 based AGW.

        • magus_melchior says:

          Not to mention, it doesn’t use the soil at all, which eliminates most, if not all, artificial fertilizers (which corn uses in abundance) and arable soil can then be allocated to products we can actually use sustainably and improve farmland longevity. A closed-loop system also minimizes contact with the outside environment, which eliminates the use of pesticides (corn also needs a lot of these). Furthermore, since we don’t dump a pile of fertilizer/pesticide onto the farm (hopefully), we reduce water pollution due to soil runoff and pesticide contamination.

          There are many great uses for field corn– ethanol simply isn’t one of them. It’s much better utilized as feedstock for things like biodegradable polymers (which can replace things like “disposable” shopping bags), or drastically reduced and replaced with a more diverse crop distribution. Which brings us back to Congress’ continued and utterly stupid funding of corn-based agribusiness.

          The problem is, Big Corn also gives a lot of campaign cash to Congresscritters. You think the campaign finance/advertisement explosion we’re seeing is bad, wait until Monsanto and company start cementing corn subsidies permanently into law.

          • jeffjohnvol says:

            Yup. To quote a libertarian that I forget the name of (famous black guy): The republicans want to take your money to give to farmers, and the democrats want to take your money and give it to poor people.

    • BigHeadEd says:

      Absolutely correct. At 25 cents a pound for tariff-protected US sugar vs. a 5 cents a pound for Brazilian sugar (rough numbers I seem to recall from working for a major US ready-to-eat cereal maker), it’s little wonder that companies choose HFCS. Free trade my butt.

      • David in Brasil says:

        And that’s why the US won’t go for ethanol fuel in a big way (the way that Brasil did years ago). It’s much more efficient to make ethanol with sugar cane than with corn. Of course, someone would have to stand up to the ADM lobby if that change were to be made, and that’s not going to happen.

        Mmmm.. Coke is good here…

    • Oranges w/ Cheese says:

      I live in Michigan, and its harvest season… but you should SEE the acres and acres of corn that’s out there that’s dead and dying because it was subsidized and not needed. How many countries could we have fed if they harvested it? How many other tasty veggies could we have grown instead?

      Boggles the mind.

      • zekebullseye says:

        Oh, so THAT’s why I see so many dying cornfields around. Man, that’s farked up.

      • Fubish says: I don't know anything about it, but it seems to me... says:

        KABOOM! I live in Vermont and every fall I see hundreds of acres of dying, unharvested corn. Now the light bulb goes on!

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        yep, i drive past farms in my area with signs up selling ‘deer corn’ – it was grown and not harvested and now they are selling it on a harvest it yourself basis, dead stalks and all, for hunters to use as deer lures. they get paid twice

      • Fineous K. Douchenstein says:

        What’s even worse here is that the land being cultivated with corn every year that isn’t harvested is ruining the land. It’d be better to just not plant anything and let the nutrients in the soil recover for a year than to plant corn that is then mowed under.

      • Jfielder says:

        That corn isn’t dead and dying… it’s dead and DRYING (ha, see what I did there?!)… almost all the corn you see grown in MI is called Yellow Dent Corn (i think it’s called that because the tops of th kernals get a little dent in them when dried and hardened, but that’s besides the point). Very little corn around here is for us to eat. But the stuff that we eat is obviously harvested while it is still green and moist, and it’s a labor intensive process to harvest. Everything else is left on the fields to dry… There’s a couple reasons for this, one is that dry corn can be harvested very quickly and efficiantly with a combine, which will strip the ears from the stalk, strip off the husks and silk, bust all of the kernals off the cob, then blast all the garbage out the back, which will mostly degrade by next season. So now they are left with piles of dry corn, which can be stored without instantly going moldy. This corn is mostly used for animal feed, although some is used for ethanol production. I’m not sure if any of this corn is used to make food grade products, like our beloved HFCS, or corn meal.

        Long story short… it’s left in the fields to dry. It will get harvested. It’s very rare that a field will go unharvested.

      • AnthonyC says:

        “How many countries could we have fed if they harvested it?”
        None, actually. The countries where people are starving can’t afford the cost of shipping the corn from here to there. If there are fields of corn going unharvested, it’s because none of the people who need it are capable of buying it.

    • ARP says:

      We’d also have to stop subsidizing corn. Contrary to popular belief, there aren’t that many family farms left. So the subsidy program is just benefiting big business.

    • Plasmafox says:

      But that would mean lifting some of the cruel embargoes we have on certain third world countries because we’re mad that they don’t share our political system..

      Also, the high fructose corn syrup, corn and other trade groups would throw money and propaganda at it and make it take a decade. Anybody who supported it would be called a farmer-hater and a communist. Hate to say it, but there’s better things our country could be doing.

  4. Preyfar says:

    Coke with cane sugar has a much cleaner taste, and is noticeably sweeter. When I drink HFCS, my mouth is left with what feels like a sticky film. I don’t get that same feeling from cane sugar drinks.

    • Geekybiker says:

      Exactly. I find it ‘crisper’ without the slimy feeling. If you could disassociate the taste from the other physical sensations…. well maybe it ‘tastes’ the same, but texture, smell, appearance are all part of taste IMHO.

    • zekebullseye says:

      I perceive the difference as a difference in aftertaste. Man, I love that cane sugar Coke aftertaste.

      • TouchMyMonkey says:

        You never had a rum and Coke until you’ve had one made with the Kosher stuff they sell around Passover. I wonder what would happen if all us goyim started stocking up on the stuff when it appears in grocery stores. Would they make more?

        • Preyfar says:

          I buy up a dozen or so 2-liters when Passover comes around, and keep ’em for proper mixing. It just tastes so much better.

          My local grocery store actually complained about me buying up all the Kosher Coke because I was “denying” it to the Jewish community. They really couldn’t say anything though because there’s no stipulation on who can buy it. I’ve done taste tests with my friends with Passover Coke and regular Coke. There /is/ a difference. It’s a slight one, but definitely there.

          • crashman2600 says:

            How do they KNOW you are Jewish? They should just order more and STFU.

          • pecan 3.14159265 says:

            How did they know you weren’t Jewish? Anyone can be Jewish as a religious belief, even if you aren’t Jewish in the sense that you are descended from Israelites.

    • dg says:

      Actually, the coke w/sugar tastes a bit different, but not too much. The main thing I notice (when they have Kosher coke around Passover – it has real sugar in it) is that I drink LESS of it. It seems that the HFCS and Cane Sugar trigger the “full” feeling at different points in the body.

      Could be just me, but I’d tend to think that someone, somewhere figured this out, and was paid to keep her mouth shut so the purveyors of flavored suggary water could sell more of their wares.

      That said, I’d buy the real sugar coke all day long over the corn syrup crap… But alas, I haven’t been able to find it (except during passover) around here in the midwest.

    • ARP says:

      Cleaner? Sort of. Has a bit of an earthy taste to it (which is a good thing).

  5. MaliBoo Radley says:

    I’ve noticed that it isn’t so much flavor as much as mouthfeel. HFCS in soda seems to have a syrupy mouthfeel. Cane sugar goes down cleaner.

    • d0x360 says:

      HFCS aside from taste also messes with your digestion. It shuts down the part of your brain that tells you that you are full so anytime you consume HFCS you not only gain weight from it but you also eat more than you would normally.

      • Altari says:

        The sugar molecules in HFCS also aren’t bound, doing away with all that nasty “digestion” [who needs it?] of the fructose and sending it straight to your liver for fat-storing goodness.

  6. MonkeyMonk says:

    I love Coke . . . always giving the customers exactly what they want. I wonder if Steve Jobs consults them.

    • backbroken says:

      I don’t think he does. Otherwise the response would have been, “HFCS tastes exactly the same as sugar. The customers are just holding the bottle wrong.”

      • The cake is a lie! says:

        And the bottle would cost five times more than the Mexican coke even though it has the same contents. It’s all about the packaging of your product. People pay for the packaging. At least Apple fanboys do…

  7. Thyme for an edit button says:

    It does taste better. I don’t know if it’s the cane sugar or if the packaging effects the flavor (glass rather than plastic or metal). It doesn’t matter. It tastes different to me. I rarely buy Coke, but if I do, it is a Mexican Coke as a special treat!

    • KJR52 says:

      I just tried Coke with sugar in the caribbean, out of aluminum cans, and it still had a different taste and mouthfeel than HFCS Coke. I do like glass for beverages, cause I think it has the least coloration on taste unlike glass or aluminum, but you can still tell a difference in the 2 types of Cokes, regardless of container.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        yes, i noticed that with cans of cane sugar coke in europe vs the glass bottles of mexican coke i get here. the aftertaste of the sugar stuff is different than the HFCS but the only difference i notice between the containers is that the cans were a little fizzier. potentially a container sealing issue?

  8. Copper says:

    I live in Corpus Christi which has a very high Hispanic population. There is no Mexican Coke in the grocery stores. I’ll stick with Mountain Dew Throwback and Dr. B.

    • Silverhawk says:

      Greg, Why don’t you try a spoonful of HFCS (or even just powdered corn sugar), and then a spoonful of table sugar. Can you tell the difference? The rest of us sure can.

      Aside from the texture/mouthfeel differences noted by many, the raw taste of corn-sourced vs. cane-sourced sugar is very noticeable. I’ve noted it as a homebrewer for years, it’s pretty obvious. They’re throwing up a smokescreen because they can’t admit they’re in love with super cheap corn syrup.

    • ludwigk says:

      Have you tried going to a bodega/mexican market?

  9. randyfeldman says:

    Perception is reality. It’s what you grew up with. Comfort food!

    • tasselhoff76 says:

      I would agree with you except one night I bought what I thought was ordinary Mountain Dew (was not paying attention and it was dark when I got it back to the car) and as soon as I took a sip, it tasted delicious! I was like, holy cow, Mountain Dew is freaking awesome. After I got out of the car, I noticed that it was a Throw Back Mountain Dew. HFCS just isn’t as good.

    • El_Fez says:

      Nope – I’ve done blind taste tests and almost 100% of the time people could tell the difference between the two.

  10. Corinthos says:

    Lots of mexican americans in my area. No place that sells it. I’ve even asked some of my coworkers about it. Guess I’ll just stick with the sugar pepsi products.

  11. colorisnteverything says:

    I actually do notice a difference. One is much “heavier” than the other. I want to drink a bunch of water after having it.

    I have lived in Europe before for a year and MUCH preferred sugar-sweetened drinks. I blame it on Europe.

    Mexican coke is good (like the Kosher coke) but I can’t get it here. Back in my hometown, we had a lot of Mexican and Hispanic immigrants, so it was EASY to find Mexican coke. Here, not so much. I have been looking for it (I rarely ever drink pop) but can’t find it.

  12. visual77 says:

    I can taste a huge difference between regular Pepsi and Pepsi Throwback. If the only difference is HFCS / Sugar, then I vote “Definitely,” but if there are other differences, I vote “Maybe.”

    • Posthaus says:

      There was also a noticable difference in Mountain dew Throwback too…. could it really be the sweetener?

      Dr Pepper..not so much, if it is there, it is too subtle for me to notice. Maybe it’s a little smoother.but that’s it.

  13. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    We already knwo that Mexican coke exists.

    We just want it mass produced so that it’s not 4x the normal cost.

    • Doubts42 says:

      see above posts regarding sugar tariffs. If it costs 4x as much to make it is going to be more expensive at the store.

      • humbajoe says:

        Then why are Pepsi Throwback products priced exactly the same, if not sometimes cheaper? Fail argument is fail.

        The more people buy it, the more money it makes, and the less it raises prices. the real reason cane sugar sodas are so pricey is because it’s kept limited as a “novelty item” so that they have an excuse to charge more.

        However, even as a novelty item, year round cane sugar sodas like Jones aren’t that much more expensive per case compared to HFCS sodas.

        Coke is talking out of their ass.

        • tape says:

          it’s not cane sugar they’re using for the throwbacks, it’s beet sugar. cane sugar is what is tariffed.

  14. bite back says:

    Don’t suppose that Coca Cola has some long term contracts with ADM to supply HFCS?

    • JKxZ says:

      Uh… DUH… yeah…

      They probably get a huge kickback to use HFCS.

      Instead of renaming HFCS corn sugar they should just skip the middle man and rename it DIABETES

  15. Alvis says:

    Can you get Mexican Coke in 2L bottles, or do we have to wait for Jew Coke to be available?

  16. jdsmn says:

    Our grocery stores in MN (Cub Foods and Coborns) have Mexican coke in glass bottles in the mexican aisle. Tried it – prefer the US version with the corn syrup. Same goes with regular Mt Dew and Mt Dew Throwback – am I the only one?

  17. tasselhoff76 says:

    Greg Galvez is a big fat liar.

  18. grumpskeez says:

    Coke: enjoy your US subsidized fructose fed cancer! Yay cheap cornsyrup, boo expensive sugar.

  19. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    It isn’t so much a taste difference as a texture & mouth-feel difference. Sugar coke is smoother, with less bite and tastes less acidic. “New” Coke is sharper.. it just isnt’ the same.

    Plus, sugar coke makes my teeth buzz. It feels weird, but it actually reminds you you’re drinking sugar.

    • Clyde Barrow says:

      When I drink a Coke made with HFCS, I look like a dog that just ate peanut butter.

    • paul says:

      Exactly, the sugar coke and pepsi has a smoother after-taste. The HFCS versions leave you with that mouth-rot feeling. The moment it hits your tongue there’s not much difference in taste, but the after-taste is what I like about the real sugar versions.

      BTW, I’ve read that most of the Mexican coke these days is made with beet sugar and not cane sugar. Maybe next we can have a poll to see who can tell the difference between those two.

    • NinjaMarion says:

      EXACTLY how I always describe it. Coke with real sugar doesn’t have the acidic bite to it that regular Coke has, which makes it far better in my opinion. For them to act as if there’s no difference or that there’s no reason to release real sugar Coke here because some niche markets IMPORT Coke from Mexico is just ridiculous.

  20. theblackdog says:

    20 people from the corn industry created accounts to vote Nah


  21. Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

    If Coke were to bottle a “real sugar” version in the USA, wouldn’t it still be cheaper to use beet sugar instead of cane sugar? Would anyone know the difference?

    • paul says:

      Pepsi Throwback uses a mixture of beet and cane sugar (or at least they did when first introducing it a couple years ago). Some people claim the new mass-produced throwback tastes different, and suspect full beet sugar. Or maybe they are imagining the whole thing.

  22. Guppy06 says:

    I’m sure their regional bottlers are thrilled that corporate is encouraging customers to import from abroad.

  23. dpeters11 says:

    I thought at one point, Coke was trying to stop the importation of Mexican Coke into the US? I don’t think there was any way of doing it, since it is a legitimate product, maybe they gave up.

    I get mine along with sugar Fanta at my corner Walgreens, and I don’t think we have a huge number of Hispanics.

  24. El_Fez says:

    No taste difference? Yeah, riiiiight. You just keep right on telling yourself that, Mr Coke CEO.

  25. The cake is a lie! says:

    EVERYTHING tastes better in glass bottles. That’s why they don’t put beer in plastic ones. Beer from a can tastes waaaay different than beer from a bottle. I drink the Mexican Coke when I can because it absolutely tastes different from everything else. The fact it has sugar in it may contribute to that, but there is definitely a taste difference.

    And to imply that Coke is Coke is an outright lie. I remember the Coke display in Vegas. They had a row of fountain machines offering a taste of Coke from all across the world. There is a massive difference in taste from Coke in Brazil and Coke in Atlanta. I was in the Caribbean last winter and they had coke in the mini-bar in the room. Holy cow, did it taste different! Coke is not Coke everywhere. It tastes different depending on the bottling plant. Coke is in a dream world or has completely lost their taste buds if they believe any different.

    • Preyfar says:

      “Coke is Coke” outright bullshit, and a lie.

      Coke says that Coke Zero has “real Coke taste”. So that would Coke Zero is Coke. But it’s not. Coke Zero tastes like shit. It’s /BARELY/ better than Diet Coke. In fact, it used to be far, FAR better than Diet Coke when it had Splenda. But then it didn’t sell well, and Coke went back to a Splenda/Aspartame mix. And geh…

      Aspartame is 10X worse than HFCS. I drink that crap, and I get still taste aspartame five hours later.

      But yeah. Coke is Coke? Not when Coke says that Coke Zero has “real Coke taste” when that shit doesn’t taste anything like Coke.

  26. VOIDMunashii says:

    If the only difference is the bottle, then why not just make HFCS Coke in those full sized bottles instead of the tiny American ones and call it good? Oh, because there are other differences, that’s right.

  27. Macgyver says:

    A couple week ago I went into 7-11 to get a Pepsi, then I’ve seen the throwback one, bought that, and I could easily taste the difference, and it tasted better.

  28. Mom says:

    Studies have shown that the majority of people can’t actually tell the difference between Coke, Pepsi, and grocery store colas. I would bet that even fewer people can tell the difference in taste between Mexican Coke and HFCS Coke. The Coke guy is basically saying that it’s really about people’s perceptions, not about the taste.

    • minjche says:

      Studies have also shown that 100% of the population below the age of 65 hate RC Cola.

      • raydee wandered off on a tangent and got lost says:

        In my early 20’s, when it was my turn to buy soda, I got RC every time. I kind of miss it… but I try not to drink sodas anymore. Except Izze. Delicious, delicious izze.

    • ludwigk says:

      I’ve never met anyone who couldn’t tell the difference. Not only can I taste and feel the difference, you can actually SEE the difference between HFCS and sugar coke in the way that it bubbles and foams.

      I’ve had numerous individuals ask me “why does this coke taste different? It’s so good”, when I serve them up kosher/mexi-coke, before I’ve explained the whole sugar thing to them.

    • paul says:

      Along those same lines, you’d be amazed how many people think they can taste whether a drink has caffeine, or how many people confuse “carbonation” with “caffeinated”.

    • Chaosium says:

      “Studies have shown that the majority of people can’t actually tell the difference between Coke, Pepsi, and grocery store colas.”

      The same people who buy HFCS and is good for them.

      The rest of us who don’t can! Gosh.

    • Doncosmic says:

      I call BS on this, pepsi and Coke taste NOTHING alike.

  29. minjche says:

    I’ve mainly seen Mexican Coca-cola in the international foods section at Wegmanns in Pennsylvania.

    Now that I’ve been in Georgia for a little while, I’ve seen it in some random gas stations and at some Publix/Kroger stores. It doesn’t seem as ubiquitous as the coke rep makes it sound, though.

    Having tried it only once, all I can say is it tasted “old”, like it had been mixed several years ago. I’m with some other commenters that it had a better mouthfeel and a less viscous texture than its HFCS counterpart.

  30. bruce9432 says:

    Pepsi came out with cane sugar Pepsi months ago and it tasted exaclty like…Pepsi

  31. 99 1/2 Days says:

    I wonder if the corn syrup sellers have put pressure on Coke…

  32. maggiemerc says:

    I like to think you can taste the original flavor of the soda better with cane sugar. I can actually believe that Dr. Pepper started as a mix of all the fruit syrups on hand when I drink a Dublin/Anniversary DP. Not so with the mainstream type.

    And you can taste the cola with a Mexican coke. Too bad it’s only found in glass bottles and is thus way over priced.

    • balthisar says:

      Well, here in Mexico, you can get non-glass bottled versions. And guess what? They’re made with corn syrup, not sugar. Heck, one of the bottling plants is right across the road from my plant, and the syrup tankers arrive daily. And yes, I can easily tell the difference between sugar Coke and corn syrup Coke (they both Mexican Coke).

      Mexico has a pretty big sugar industry, as well as a pretty big corn industry, and yet the move to HFCS is all but complete here (except for the glass bottles), so I wonder what the relative cost differences are here? I have no idea if anything is subsidized, imported, or has a tariff on it like in the States.

  33. MamaBug says:

    we went into our local Mexican grocery store – the owners lived above us in our old apartments. The first this I did was find the Coca-cola, and I bought two liters of it. There were in glass bottles, opened when we got into the car, and my husband, daughter and I split it. It was the best coke I’ve ever had.
    I think Coca-cola would be surprised how quickly they would sell out if they did a “throwback” type thing like Pepsi did.

  34. human_shield says:

    Sugar coke and HFCS coke taste VERY different, especially when sampling side by side. Either their researchers are incompetent, or Greg Galvez is a big fat liar.

  35. KJR52 says:

    I tasted Coke with sugar for the first time on a recently trip to Aruba, and it definitely tasted different than American HFCS Coke. It didn’t have as much of a “bite” to it. Overall it was pretty similar, and I wouldn’t say it’s particularly better or worse than HFCS Coke taste-wise. It’s mostly the same, with some subtle differences.

  36. Remmy75 says:

    I wonder if people would taste a difference if they were told it was made with “Corn Suger”.

    I think the sugar coke tastes better, but maybe its all in our head.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      There’s definitely a taste difference but I don’t believe HFCS “feels sticky” or “syrupy” like so many people claim.

  37. stottpie says:

    it’s complicated by the fact that you can only (besides passover) get the cane sugar coke in a glass bottle. most people prefer the glass bottle to a can as it is, so you have this covariance between the glass+cane sugar going on.

    i feel like i prefer mexican coke, but it could just be the glass bottle and/or placebo effect.

  38. dreamfish says:

    The solution is to abandon coca cola and drink mountain dew!

  39. fdamstra says:

    Grocery store near me carries Mexican coke, and definitely does /not/ have a high hispanic population. But unfortunately, it’s only sold as singles which makes it far more expensive than the HFCS version.

    But I love the glass bottle, and I’ve got concerns about HFCS.

  40. rev_matt_y says:

    We live two blocks from a Mexican grocery store. We were not big Coke/Pepsi drinkers before as we never particularly liked either of them/ Mexican Coke and Pepsi however are very good when you need that carbonated beverage fix. I would not order Coke or Pepsi at a restaurant, nor would I buy HFCS ones for home, but I drink several Mexican ones per week now.

  41. Emily says:

    I can taste the difference. I know I’m supposed to prefer the cane sugar version, but I don’t. It tastes too sweet and sticky… maybe it’s that the Mexican Cokes also have a bit of a sulfur-y edge (which you get in some sodas because of the local water).

  42. Promethean Sky says:

    It’s funny, I prefer natural sugar Coke, but just can’t get used to Pepsi throwback.

  43. Jay K. says:

    If you are in Texas and near an HEB grocery store, their store brand colas are now available made with cane sugar instead of HFCS. The Original cola (Coke) and Dr. B are available in 12-packs of cans and 6-packs of glass bottles. The price is a tad higher than their regular store brands, but still cheaper than their name brand counterparts.

  44. nocturnaljames says:

    There is a difference in taste, because the Mexican version is FLAT. We want coke canned locally with real sugar!

  45. Ahardy55 says:

    I’ve had both and yes, they do taste different. Also, Coke Zero and Diet Coke (Coca-lite) tastes much, much different in South and Central America than it does here.

  46. Turks says:

    When the Throwback version of Pepsi and Mt. Dew first came out I did a double blind taste test with about 15 friends. Almost everyone could correctly identify the sugar and HFCS version, even the handful of people that don’t drink soda. I call shenanigans on “no perceptible taste difference.”

  47. VectorVictor says:

    Guess this makes me all the more happy to be part of the Pepsi Generation.

    Pepsi Throwback (and Sierra Mist Cranberry w/Sugar) FTW!

  48. Vogue007 says:

    It absolutely tastes different. Try drinking one side by side with one of their X-Mas/Santa glass bottles that they release during the winter and you, or at least in my opinion, it tastes a lot different. I was at Price Chopper the other day and asked one of their employees where I could find Mexican Coke and he just looked at me strangely and asked if I was kidding. He then went on to tell me he only did that stuff on the weekends but knew a guy who could hook me up. After he said all that I started laughing and told him I was looking for soda. They’ve got some real classy folks working over there!

  49. Tiandli says:

    Saying “a Coke is a Coke and both are ‘the real thing'” is nothing but PR speak. What they mean is Coke is whatever they call a Coke, whether it has sugar, HFCS, or motor oil and that we should buy it for their brand name, not the quality of their product.

  50. bravohotel01 says:

    If you drink coke, then it doesn’t really matter if it has Corn Sugar, Cane Sugar, Aspartame or “Splenda.”

    Soda/”Soft Drinks”/”Pop” is CARP, plain and simple.
    Water is king.

  51. raz-0 says:

    Stopped drinking colas when I was a kid and they all moved away from cane sugar to HFCS. Then they started bringing a lot of mexican coke to the area.

    Yes, you can taste the difference. Unfortuantely, I can’t tolerate that much sugar in my diet so no more mexican coke for me.

  52. rachaeljean says:

    Hey, that’s my picture! :) Woohoo!

    I live in Oregon… here we can get MexiCoke at Costco, Cash & Carry, and small boutique-like grocery stores like Market of Choice.

  53. Brendon says:

    Translation: it costs us more to make this stuff, but we know it’ll be popular and we don’t want to have to sell it for the same price as our corn sugar coke in vending machines. Fuck you, America!

  54. Bye says:

    Greg Galvez and The Coca-Cola Company are liars.

    I can’t even finish a can of HFCS Coke or Pepsi. It’s passable but I end up getting about 2/3 through it and I’m done sliming my throat. But I’ll guzzle a bottle of Mexi-Coke or a can of Pepsi Throwback before I even realize it’s gone.

    Which I guess is fine by me ultimately. I drink less Coke overall.

  55. humbajoe says:

    Having the Mexican Coke as the cane-sugar alternative to Crap-Coke would be just fine and dandy if they actually SOLD IT IN STORES.

    I only know of one grocery store that stocks it, and it’s over an hour and a half away. Plus it costs like 3 times the amount of money compared to Crap-Coke.

    This is why I don’t drink Coke anymore – which was once my favorite cola.

  56. Cheap Sniveler: Sponsored by JustAnswer.comâ„¢ says:

    I call BS. They just want to sell us the HFCS crap, and if we want real sugar (reality check, see poll, WE DO) they want us to pay way too much for the mexican coke.

  57. aweirdguy says:

    I remember taste testing Coke (old sugar version) against Coke Classic with HFCS when it came out. They made new Coke so nasty we bought out all the old formula in town… we still had some a year later when Classic hit the shelf and it was a clear difference despite the claims from Coke that it was the same old formula.

    I’ve tried MexiCoke, and it’s an improvement but not so much to be worth the extra cost per bottle. I love Dew Throwback as well as the Heritage Dr Pepper, they are way better than the normal versions. I hate Pepsi, but acknowledge that the Throwback version is less nasty than normal.


  58. Mira Mi Huevo!!! says:

    “For some Hispanics, the familiarity of Coca-Cola with cane sugar and in a tall glass bottle they recognize is a reassuring ‘piece of home.”

    Yes… Mr. Galvez, you can dangle a piece of shiny glass in front of mexicans and we would drink whatever was inside it (even shit) because it reminds us of home…

    What an Idiot!!!

    /Mexican Rant

  59. mbz32190 says:

    Coca-Cola is in a world of hurt here. Pepsi and Mountain Dew throwback have been widely successful, and very hard to find in stock around where I live. I hope they continue to produce them. Sierra Mist (Pepsi product) is also made with sugar now…no HFCS, and it’s here to stay. I don’t work for Pepsi, but I just can’t stand regular Coca-Cola…wayy too syrup-y tasting. I have had the Mexican Coke ($1.50/bottle at Wegmans..a little less if you buy a case) and it is much better.

  60. d0x360 says:

    I love how Pepsi has been doing the throwback soda. I dont like pepsi itself but i like mountain dew and there is a HUGE difference in flavor and i prefer the real sugar.

    I’ve also never seen coke with real sugar so this guys excuse isnt very helpful. Id greatly prefer to buy soda with sugar. I dont actually buy soda often but if it had actual sugar in it i could easily see myself buy a 12pack or so a week.

  61. jasonq says:

    I seem to remember from a couple years back that Coca-Cola was cracking down on the importers and distributors of Mexican Coke. Has that changed?

  62. Sky75 says:

    I live in Austin, TX and Mexican Coke is everywhere – in fact a lot of restaurants/food trailers sell it in addition to regular fountain sodas. Where I notice the taste difference the most is if I drink it while eating something else with sugar. If I eat, say, a piece of cake, and drink a HFCS coke, the tastes clash it’s disgusting. If I sip a mexican coke, they go together quite nicely. And it’s not the “glass bottle effect”, because I prefer drinks in cans.

  63. Serpephone says:

    Mexican Coke is everywhere here in N TX

    it’s usually in the Hispanic foods aisle in the gro store

  64. quirkyrachel says:

    Taste isn’t the issue for me. I’m trying to get rid of HFCS in my diet, so I’d rather buy that.

  65. evilpete says:

    Unlike suger, HFCS doesn’t trigger the “I’m full” message from the body, thus you drink more (coke knows this) & and it is *cheaper*.

    Thus why should they switch?

  66. ma1234 says:

    Am I the only one who prefers the corn syrup? Mexican Coca-Cola is disgusting.

  67. edosan says:

    “though only ‘in select grocery stores and bodegas…'”

    and Costco. Every Costco I’ve been in has it.

  68. cheezfri says:

    I grew up on sugary soft drinks but when they switched to HFCS, I got used to it. I recently tried some of the throwbacks by Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper, but honestly I prefer the mouth-feel of HFCS. Has more “body” I guess. Anyhow it’s not really much of an issue for me since I stick with diet sodas (Splenda) whenever possible.

  69. alexmmr says:

    I didn’t used to be able to tell the difference but now that I’m pregnant I sure can. Since getting pregnant, anything with just about any kind of chemical just tastes icky. It coats my mouth with a chemically badness. I used to drink Coke by the gallon and now I can’t drink more than 2 oz before I hand the can off to my husband to finish it.

    I also have friends that are so sensitive to HFCS that they get sick if they eat it. They pretty much check all of our ingredient labels if they come over a for a meal to make sure they don’t ingest enough HFCS to get sick. A bit obnoxious on their part but who am I to judge? They’re the ones that would get sick if they didn’t do that.

  70. DogiiKurugaa says:

    Coke with HFCS always tasted sortof acidy and it burned my mouth a little. Coke with cane sugar doesn’t do that to me at all. So yes, I can tell the difference real easily.

  71. Coupon says:

    I can’t even stomach how stupid Coke’s response was… ” Coca-Cola with cane sugar and in a tall glass bottle they recognize is a reassuring ‘piece of home..” seriously almost gagged me.

    • shawnamuffin says:

      Exactly – as if all citizens of Latino/a or South American heritage are merely refugees sobbing for “home.”

  72. ddbEntertainment says:

    I live in Southern Louisiana and we have “Mexican Coca-Cola”. We also have a horribly made and stuck on sticker that states the nutrition and drink ingredients. All of our “Mexican Coca-Cola” contains HFCS according to the label.

    • Chaosium says:

      You’ve got bootleg Mexican coke, hilarious. On the west coast, all our “Mexican coke” is sugar.

  73. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Cheerwine (a delicious cherry soda bottled only in North Carolina) comes in glass bottles but also in plastic. The glass has sugar and the plastic has corn syrup. Yes, you can taste the difference.

  74. paul says:

    Mexican coke around here comes and goes. For a while every grocery store will have it, Sam’s Club has cases, etc. They have Mexican Fanta as well (real sugar, glass bottles). Then suddenly it’s gone from everywhere. I guess the local distributors deal with it.

  75. droidd says:

    The folks at Coke are dumb! Pepsi Throwback sells out really quick. Mexican Coke is usually available at my local Costco here in Northern VA. At 19.00 a case it is quite expensive.

    Coke has their Kosher Coke to me it taste WAY different and worse than Mexican Coke. Perhaps the plastic bottle Vs. the glass bottle makes the difference or perhaps the Sucrose Vs. Sugar is it.

    Wake up Coke and start mass producing it.

  76. shawnamuffin says:

    It’s not so much the taste as the viscosity. HFCS soda is disgustingly syrupy = thick.

  77. george69 says:

    coke sucks anyway. I drink pepsi. Diet pepsi actually.

    /have 64 two liter bottles in the closet

  78. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    In other words, “We’re too busy making money to give a crap.” That’s the biggest BS answer I’ve ever heard.

  79. Jaws_Victim says:

    Tell them we think they’re stupid idiots who are literally shooing away mountains of cash because they think they’re right. I’ve stopped buying Coke because of the HFCS crap, it’s not the same.

  80. sparc says:

    taste is at least a legitimate gripe against HCFS… vs the usual misguided posts about the “health benefits” of cane/beet sugar

  81. Kingeryck says:

    I really don’t understand the big fuss over sugar vs. HFCS. It’s sugar and unhealthy either way. Take everything in moderation. A little HFCS isn’t going to kill you and like 20 grams of cane sugar isn’t going be any better for you.

  82. Caffinehog says:

    The music industry said it didn’t need to sell music online because there were already CD stores and radios. Look what happened to them.

  83. MikeM_inMD says:

    A neighbor gave me a bottle of it around the fire pit one night, and it was better – much smoother tasting. I can’t say for certain if it was the sugar or the glass, but I would drink more Coca-Cola if the cane sugar version was more readily available.

    BTW, I usually don’t drink anything caffeinated after 6 pm, but I figured this was worth the try. It was, and I would do it again.

  84. Katty says:

    I love this, it’s a drink that actually -feels- refreshing after I drink it. Regular coke and pepsi taste the same to me, but this versus throwback Pepsi? Mexican Coke hands down.

    I hate that it’s $1.50 a bottle. :

  85. nacoran says:

    I have a Coke machine in my living room. I have a cache full of search terms like ‘Mexican Coke’. The problem is they don’t distribute it widely, and Coke has a particularly nasty reputation in labor relations in the third world.

  86. quail says:

    There’s micro-colas out there like Jones who do use cane sugar. And honestly, after sipping one I could tell it tasted better than Pepsi or Coke with their “corn sugar” sweetners. (I’d forgotten the taste. Hadn’t sipped a pure cane sugar soda since my youth.)

    There’s a market out there. Why do the big cola companies refuse to see it?

  87. all4jcvette says:

    There is a big difference in taste. I won’t even drink it anymore if it has corn syrup.

  88. Rena says:

    Well we sure don’t have Mexican Coke in Canada. No cane sugar for us Canucks. T.T

  89. kylere1 says:

    I have compared the two, side by side, I can state empirically that the taste is different.

  90. jaredwilliams says:

    pepsi throwback is better anyway. and mountain dew throwback

  91. andystep12 says:

    They taste a bit different. I order Mexican Coke at a local Taqueria. I honestly prefer the flavor of HFCS Coke, as that is what I grew up with. The “real thing” statement seems way off.

  92. guspaz says:

    Wait, what? They don’t sell coke in glass bottles in the US?

    Here in Canada, where we also use regular sugar in our Coke/Pepsi/etc (we lack the corn subsidies that make HFCS cheaper than other forms), you can buy coke in single-serving glass bottles. Is this not the case in the US? Coca Cola commercials, which I assume originate in the US, seem to show people drinking from these iconic glass bottles.

  93. cromartie says:

    There is one good thing about living in the Cleveland area. Mexican/Jew Coke is pretty commonly available. One need walk into nothing more than the bastion of retail evil to find it sitting in glass bottles on the shelves.

    our research shows that there is no perceptible taste difference between the products

    Then your researchers need to be fired, because there’s a significant difference between the two. Same with all of the Pepsi Throwback versions of their respective sodas. (Which I hope will become a permanent part of their offerings).

    To say that one is better than the other is subjective, to say that there is no significant difference is absurd.

  94. donssword says:

    I switched to coffee for my caffeine needs–and not Starbucks.

    Coke can kiss my butt.

  95. ClaudeKabobbing says:

    I dont know why but even Coca Light (Mexican Diet Coke) tastes better. Maybe its the glass bottle instead of plastic.

  96. rav3 says:

    Im mexican, YES I CAN.

  97. humbledj says:

    There is definitely a difference between pure cane sugar and HFCS. For example, last week I had sworn off sodas in an attempt to lose weight. I had gone 5 days with out a coke (major miracle) and someone handed me a new throwback Dr. Pepper with sugar. I used to love Dr Pepper but now go months between drinks of it. The Throwback DP is amazing and I really wanted more. I joke about how it changed my life, never ever will I drink a HFCS Dr. Pepper again. If only the Mexican Cokes were easier to get. Costco sells them by the case here in Washington, but that means I have to shell out $20 for a whole case. I would gladly pay $1.50 or so for one at a convenience store. A local 7-11 carries them, too. The owner told me that he buys the cases at Costco and he sells about 8 cases a day. I asked how many cases of 20oz bottles of regular Coke does he sell? He said maybe 1 a day. Our Costco here in town goes through a pallet of Mexican Coke cases in a couple of days according to a friend of mine that works there. You can not convince me there is no market for it or it is just for the hispanics to remember home.

  98. HenryES says:

    No problem for me, I like Pepsi better anyway, so I’ll stock up on Throwback Pepsi and Mt. Dew.

  99. poetworm says:

    Mexican Coke is widely available here Los Angeles. You can get a case of 24 bottles at Sam’s Club for $18 dollars, you can also get it at liquor stores for a higher price per unit and at the Mexican/Ranch markets for about 99 cents a unit. Truth is, Mexican Coke IN THE GLASS BOTTLE is the real deal. They do offer Coke with HFCS in Mexico, but it’s sold in a plastic bottle or in a can. Any real Coke drinker knows that the Mexican Coke in the glass bottle is just awesome. Besides, HFCS is one of the most disgusting things you could put in your body.

  100. dcopelandia says:

    I see the Mexican Coke in our grocery stores. A 16 oz bottle is $1.59 and that is at an inexpensive store. Try to pack a 6 pack out of those and Pepsi Throwback wins every time.

  101. The Moar You Know says:

    I’m a daily soda drinker. Now I end up drinking Coke only a few weeks a year, when I can get the Passover version or feel like forking over 8 bucks for a six-pack of Mexican Coke. Hey, I’d rather buy Coke all the time, but if Pepsi is going to give me what I want and Coke won’t, well, then let the invisible hand of the market bitch-slap Coke back into the Stone Age. If they don’t want my money, I’ll give it to Pepsi.

  102. Nick says:

    I can only imagine the lower standards of quality that Coca-Cola takes full advantage of by bottling in Mexico. If they could bottle urine and sell it, they would.

    • Chaosium says:

      And yet, their equivalent of the FDA is still better regulated than ours. The smithfield hog farms they export to us, less so.

  103. ZPrime says:

    I am a massive Coke (as in Coca-Cola) freak. I’m also pretty good at tasting stuff. I thought I’d be able to tell the difference.

    Honestly, I can’t. Granted, I did not test with Coke as I couldn’t find sugar coke other than MexiCoke. I tested with Dr. Pepper and DP Throwback. Couldn’t tell the difference, they tasted the same.

    OTOH, there *is* a notable difference in taste between plastic, canned, and glass bottles, with glass bottles being FAR better than the other two containers. Note that MexiCoke is only sold in the US in glass… so many people who try to tell you “it’s better because it’s sugar” are likely tasting the difference from the delivery mechanism and not the contents.

    Fountain is hit or miss – if the person who setup the fountain has the mix correct, it’s great, but otherwise it’s horrid. I’ve found a local Chipotle who has the Coke of God, they must’ve had an old-timer setup the machine. :)

  104. tsdguy says:

    We have them in both Sams and Wegmans here in our little town in Central PA. Can’t say we have more than a handful of Hispanics in the whole area but it does sell. Too expensive for every day purchase but it has a distinctive taste from standard HFCS Coke. The stuff we have is not fizzy enough for my taste – not sure if that’s a factory decision or that it takes so long to get here from Mexico that the fizz has left the bottles.

    If I want flat tasting super sweet crap, I’ll drink Pepsi.

  105. Mud Guppy says:

    I don’t know what idiot is running Coke but what a screw ball he or she is. Long ago, they got rid of the good ole sugar in favor of government subsidized HFCS. Next, they claimed the new generation preferred their product “New Coke” which to me tasted like crap or similar to RC Cola which is just an abbreviated version of Real Crap Cola. Ooops the taste testers blew it and so Classic Coke arrives on the scene. Not really classic though, it has HFCS. I am fortunate in that I can purchase Mexican Coke here in AZ and it tastes great.

    Some where in the mix of Coke’s follies came Lime Coke, Banana Coke, Fruit Coke, Cherry Coke, Lemon Coke and what ever else. Talk about the prostitution of your brand! None of this stuff was any good. Splenda hit the market and as usual Coke failed to enter the market with a decent product. I guess there was a big campaign to get Coke with Splenda on the market. I was anxious for it to be available and grabbed a 2 litre when it came out. Damn that is disgusting!! I think the taste testers at Coke are so happy with the profits they sit on their big fat HFCS asses and can’t taste anything. Not surprising though, they can’t taste the difference between real Coke and HFCS Coke.

    Alas a company with vision sees the rift that HFCS is becoming with educated consumers. Can you spell P E P S I ? Pepsi Through Back never made it to my corner of the world until this year. I love the taste of it and I was never a big Pepsi fan before. We stock piled 10 cases in anticipation of it selling out and now I read the product will not be discontinued. Thanks Pepsi YOU GUYS GET IT!!

    Coke is so out of touch. Their answer to what the consumer is telling them they want is go to Tijuana, Nogales or Juarez and bring some Coke back with you. Or you could go to the bario and find a Tienda that has it. Wow. Really?


    How I wish I could wake these arrogant people up.