Woman Mistakes Superglue For Eyedrops; Not As Funny As It Sounds

It sounds like the sort of prank a bratty little brother would pull in a wacky Hollywood comedy from the ’80s, but it’s not. A woman in Arizona recently reached for what she thought was eyedrops, only to end up squirting superglue into her eye.

“The bottles are identical and I am not young anymore, but I am not senile,” the woman, who recently had cataract surgery, told the local Fox affiliate.

After an unsuccessful attempt at washing the glue off, she had to call in paramedics who were finally able to pry the eyelids open and wash out the adhesive.

“They had to cut off the glue substance and it was all hard and in the eye, and I couldn’t even see,” she said.

According to MyFoxPhoenix.com, there have been several reports over the last three decades of people mistaking superglue for eyedrops because of the shape and size of the bottle.

The unfortunate woman in Arizona will be interviewed by someone from the Food and Drug Administration.

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