Walmart Beef Jerky Hit With Grocery Shrink Ray & Label Hyperbole Laser

Consumerist reader Joshua popped into his local Walmart the other morning to get his beef jerky fix, only to find that his snack of choice been hit with the Grocery Shrink Ray. Making matters worse, someone had tried to disguise that fact with a blast from the Label Hyperbole Laser.

Writes Joshua, who sent in the above photographic evidence:

Not only did they shrink the 12 ounce bag of jerky down to 10 ounces, but they also added a ‘ Mega Pack’ label to the bag which is now 16% smaller. Did I mention the price remains unchanged?

But maybe he’s looking at this the wrong way… Isn’t it possible that they’ve actually enlarged the smaller size package? If so, then this could be considered a “Mega Pack.” It’s like being the tallest of the short kids.

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