Best Buy Takes 115 Days To Repair Your Washer

As if you needed further proof that buying the store-offered service plan is a bad deal, Terri says that it took Best Buy to 115 days to repair her LG front-loading washer. That’s a lot of days to go without clean undies.

Terri requested service on May 15. The problem was that the washer wasn’t draining any water. The first repair company Best Buy sent out came three times, each time never fixing the problem. The second company shot sparks all over the place when they worked on it in the basement, and ended up taking it back to their shop. It was finally returned in working condition on September 8th, 115 days later, though it has scratches all over the side. When she complained about the damage and the ordeal, Best Buy gave her a $75 gift card.

Don’t get the service plan or the extended warranty, it’s rarely worth it and when you do try to use it, they send over a bunch of baboons.

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