Walmart Admits Pricing Error On Iron Man 2 DVD, Attempts To Make Nice

Earlier today, we wrote about the numerous complaints we’d received about some shady dealings over at Seems that many, many people had been lured into pre-ordering the Blu-ray/Standard DVD/Digital Copy combo pack of Iron Man 2 at the price of $15, only to then receive an e-mail from Walmart that their orders were canceled “due to limited availability.” This struck many people as odd, since Walmart was still taking orders for the same item, but at a much higher price. And guess what — you were right.

Consumerist reader David just forwarded us this follow-up e-mail he received from Walmart regarding his canceled order:

You recently received an email from us that your order of Iron Man 2 (Blu-ray + Standard DVD + Digital Copy) (Widescreen) had been cancelled due to a limited supply issue. The cancellation was due to a pricing error on this item, not a supply issue. We’re sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience.

To thank you for your understanding, we will honor the $15 price that was displayed at the time of your purchase. We will email you a $10.87 eGift Card to cover the difference from the current price of $24.96 plus tax. Your eGift card will be emailed within the next 24 hours and can be applied towards the purchase of this item or a different item. We’ll issue one eGift Card per affected customer; this card can be used online at only.

Would you use the card to still buy the DVD? Or would you just spend your $25 at Amazon or elsewhere?

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