Pizza Hut 'Slashes' Price Of Supreme By Adding $2

Chuck enjoyed Pizza Hut’s supreme pizza, especially via its $10-a-pie promotion. But a new advertising campaign, in which the mega-chain claims to be slashing prices on all its pizzas, has made his supreme cost $12 instead of $10 because it surpasses the new three-topping threshold.

He writes:

Pizza Hut’s latest advertising claim is “every pizza price slashed.” It’s on their website, it’s in their TV ads.

Here’s what I want to know: Without commenting on the wisdom of consuming Pizza Hut pizza (their pan pizza is a guilty pleasure), under their previous promotion (any pizza, any size, $10), I was getting a large Supreme for $10 (minus mushrooms, of course). That same pizza will now cost me $12. So how is a price increase of $2 “slashed?”

(There are probably other menu items where the price went up under this promotion, but I know of only this one because it’s the only one I ever ordered.)

Has the price-“slashing” affected your go-to Pizza Hut order for the better or worse?

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