KitchenAid Doesn't Care That Your Oven Won't Turn Off

Chris writes that he spent $1,700 on a KitchenAid brand stove four years ago, and that stove now has a problem that the company isn’t interested in fixing. The off button for the oven doesn’t work. Chris correctly thinks that this is a safety issue, but there are no authorized repair technicians willing to travel to where he lives. KitchenAid representatives promised to help…but now the warranty has expired, and now the company offers no help at all.

I bought a stove over 4 years ago for my house. The stove costs over 1700 dollars brand new. Within 2 years I had the off button stop working on the stove. On this stove the off button shuts down the oven. However now that it doesn’t shut off I think it is a safety issue.

I tried contacting the company via email and phone on more than a dozen occasions. They referred me to local authorized repairmen but no one would come to the house. After I brought this up in emails to the customer service people at Kitchen aid they replied that they would help me but so far nothing. A short internet search on this particular and previous model stove it replaced showed this to be a common problem with Kitchen Aid brushing off other people with the same problem.

Repeated emails and calls to CS has resulted in nothing because now they say it is out of warranty even though it was in the warranty period when it happened. It used to be said that Kitchen aid made a quality product but now that has changed. Their non existent customer service is also reason enough not to buy from them again. I thought this might be helpful to all the others out there.

For smaller kitchen tools, KitchenAid has made a few appearances in “Above and Beyond” posts here at Consumerist. However, here are some other venues to try when regular customer service is useless.

KitchenAid has a very responsive Twitter presence, which might provide some help. KitchenAid is a division of Whirlpool, so the executive customer service information for Whirlpool that we published in a post earlier this year may also be helpful.

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