Bank Screws Man For $900, He Tells Others, Ultimately Costing Bank $100,000 In Lost Business

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and when it comes to the bank who jacked him for $900, Justin is a master chef.

When he was a teenager, he got two overdrafts refunded, so a manager put a note on his account saying not to refund any more overdrafts. Years later, the bank put his deposit in the wrong account, causing him to overdraft by $500. Even though it was their mistake, they wouldn’t fix it because of the notes on his account. After he got sent to collections, ultimately costing him $900 total, Justin plotted to persuade everyone he knew to switch away from this bank.

This is the letter Justin wrote to them after he hit his goal of turning $100,000 of business away from this bank, just by telling them his story. He got 11 people to leave, 2 people to refi elsewhere, and successfully discourage 22 people from joining the bank.

Justin is going to write them another letter when he hits his next goal: turning away $1,000,000 in business.

A little over 3 years ago my bank f*cked me royally. Today I wrote them an email letting them know what I’ve been up to… [Reddit] (Thanks to Rob!)

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