IAMS Sends Coupons, Free Food When Your Mom Can't Afford Cat Food

Suzanne writes that when her mother was short on money but needed high-quality food for her sick cats, Iams was a reasonable choice but still outside her budget. So she called the company’s customer service, explained her situation, and was rewarded. She not only received coupons, but she cultivated a friendly relationship with the customer service reps.

Suzanne writes:

I thought I would give you all an above and beyond experience.

My mom had 2 ailing cats and the vet told her that if she can’t afford
the expensive food then go with Iams, but my mom lived on a very tight
budget and couldn’t afford it. So she called up the number on the back
of one of their packages and explained what the vet told her. So the
rep at Iams sent her a coupon for 1 free bag and some $3 off coupons,
and told my mom to call up anytime she needs them.

Which my mom did, every 2 weeks or so. I’m guessing the reps got to
know my mom so well that they started greeting her by her first name
and appreciated her phone calls (asking how she is and how the cats
are), and would always send a few extra coupons then what my mom asked

Recently, my mom passed away, but even when she was the most ill she
would remind me to call the girls at Iams to ask for coupons. She was
that deeply affected by their customer service that she thought of

We’re sorry to hear about Suzanne’s mother’s passing, and it sounds like the customer service team at Iams is, too. Iams is now part of Procter & Gamble, so let’s hope that they continue that generosity toward customers having a hard time financially.

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