Have Silly Bandz Peaked?

Now that adults are using them to flirt, it stands to reason that the shaped rubber band sensation Silly Bandz might be on the wane among its original core user group: actual children.

I was at the movies recently in Charlotte, NC and saw a few Silly Bandz sitting on the cash register behind the concession stand. I turned to a local high school junior who babysits for several local families and asked if they were still a hit amongst the actual youth. “[For high schoolers] they were big this summer but not now that school has started… the middle schoolers stopped wearing them a year ago,” she said.

While the trend might continue to rage in other communities, at least in one city the fad has already crested among schoolchildren, though apparently it’s still big in their embittered movie worker scene.

No kidding: Grown-ups using rubber Silly Bandz to flirt in bars and clubs [New York Daily News]

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