Wells Fargo Closes My Overdrawn Account 28 Days Before It Says It Would

Sean’s Wells Fargo checking account dipped into the negatives on charges he disputed. He says Wells Fargo said he’d have nearly a month to sort out the issue, but it turned out that by “30 days” the bank meant “48 hours,” because two days later the account was as incapacitated as the 49ers’ offense.

Here’s an excerpt of a letter he wrote to the bank:

The thing that really made my account go overdraft was basically misinformation giving to me by bankers over the phone. I disputed a charge in my old account for $276.86 and I was given a Provisional credit back in July. I had the new account opened on August 17th and subsequently closed the old account. I was informed on September 2nd that the dispute was closed and that I had to give back the provisional credit. I called the phone bank on September 7th and asked when the money was going to be posted to my new account. The women told me she did not know but it didn’t matter, as I would have 30 DAYS to bring my account positive. This is a Wells Fargo employee telling me that I would have 30 DAYS to bring it current.

On September 13th I transferred $301 dollars into the account to bring my account to a balance of $377 dollars. I paid a Cable Bill for $108 and a Gym Membership for $19.50 at 9 A.M. I then took cash out and when I checked it again at 11 A.M the money described above had been debited. This past Friday the 17th of September as I was preparing to actually deposit the money into the account I noticed several discrepancies in the account and when I called I was informed that my account was being closed. It had a negative balance for less than 72 hours before it was closed.

Here are the major issues I have with this. I was told by Wells Fargo employees disinformation that resulted in my account being closed. I was not told when the disputed amount was going to be debited from my new account and I was told that I would have 30 Days to bring my account back positive. Secondly, while I was on the phone on Friday the 17th of September I was escalated twice and the women I talked to last after I was transferred by Loss Prevention treated me like a criminal. She was very rude and just frankly awful towards me and as I am a loyal customer I was very upset by that. Sadly, I did not get her name as she hung up on me. Lastly, the only explanation I have been given is “Wells Fargo can close your account at any time”. I have done nothing wrong. I am prepared to deposit money into right now to bring it back current.

Sean’s difficulties are a good reason you should try to keep some “pad money” in your account to make sure you’re better protected against mischarging mishaps, as well as your own errors.

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