Tell The FCC To Nix The NBC Comcast Deal

If you don’t want Comcast to own NBC, you can use this handy dandy online petition Consumers Union put together for you to tell the FCC. As the agency continue to mull over the deal, perhaps your opinion may help sway theirs. But why might Kabletown owning the peacock be bad for consumers?

The concern is that Comcast will use its new powers to raise prices without raising service quality, they will kill Hulu, and we might see some of the best NBC shows, like “30 Rock,” become only available in higher-priced tiers and bulkier bundles stuffed with channels you don’t want.

Media consolidation leads to cultural hegemony, fewer options, and higher prices. If you believe this to be true, tell the FCC via this online petition: Comcast owning NBC? From bad to worse! []

Why A Comcast/NBC Merger Is Bad News

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