Thieves Suck Money From Supermarket Safes With Vacuum Cleaner

A pack of crooks has been on a four-year spree where they drill a hole in the pneumatic tube that takes money from the checkout to the cashroom and suck it right out the safe using a high-power vacuum.

The criminals, called the “cambrioleurs aspirateur” or “Vacuum Burglars,” have only target the Monoprix supermarket chain in Paris, hitting 15 different stores in the past four years.

“They spotted a weakness in the company’s security system and have been exploiting it ever since,” a company spokesperson told The Sun. “It is clearly time Monoprix addressed this loophole and changed the way it guards its money.”

Yeah, after 4 years I think it’s about time.

Robbers Clean Up With Vacuum [The Sun]

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