How To (Maybe) Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

When a cop pulls you over, what you do and say in the next few minutes may well determine whether you get pounded with a ticket for the maximum fee or skate like a celebrity. It’s not so much about being able to talk your way out of a ticket — because let’s face it, the cop has probably decided your fate before he asks for your license — but avoiding digging yourself any deeper.

MarketWatch doles out some advice on what not to say to a traffic cop who’s pulled you over.

The instructions are simple:

*Don’t lie. — You know what you did wrong. There’s no need to sandbag when a policeman asks you how fast you were going. Insist you were doing nothing wrong and you risk implying you were pulled over for no reason.

*Don’t argue. — The cop isn’t looking for a debate. If you want to fight a possible ticket, save your argument for the judge.

If you have any tips on how to get out of tickets, please share them.

What not to say when pulled over by a cop [MarketWatch]

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