Woman And Her 30,000 Lbs Of Stuff Get Evicted

30,000 pounds of belongings stretched up and down the DC sidewalk. They all belonged to one woman who was evicted after she couldn’t make rent.

The woman, a housekeeper unemployed for 2 1/2 years, was saving them to send back to relatives in South America. “I cried when I went to Mexico to see my family,” she told the Washington Post. “Look at how they live. I feel it’s my job to look out for them.”

The woman owed her landlord over $10,000 and hadn’t been able to keep up with a court-ordered payment schedule that required her to pay $300 on top of her $1,318 rent, let alone the roughly $5,000 it would have cost to ship all the stuff.

A local mover volunteered to help her cart out her belongings and store it for free, but they had to give up after three trucks were filled, with more junk still out on the sidewalk.

Washington Post:

When they were done, a chaotic sight remained: vacuum cleaners piled next to broken picture frames piled next to soup pots filled with Legos. A wet wipes warmer sat next to a Christmas-themed moose statue. Here, a book titled, “How to Survive the Loss of Love;” there, a broken lampshade. Every piece of furniture appeared broken or damaged.

“Anything is usable,” Diaz said. “Believe me.”

Maybe if instead of hoarding she could have held a yard sale and sent the proceeds back to her family?

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