Having Trouble With Similac's Recall Site? There's A PDF For That

Not long after news broke that a recall had been issued for Similac powdered baby formulas because they might contain tiny beetles, many people had trouble accessing the Similac website or toll-free phone number to check if the formula they were using for their babies was on the list of recalled lot numbers.

To help get around the bottleneck, Similac posted a PDF of the lot numbers, which we have subsequently uploaded here in case their site becomes inaccessible again. It’s 38 pages, but it should be searchable using most PDF viewers.

Click here to check out the PDF of the recalled lot numbers.

A rep for the company also contacted Consumerist to let us know that another toll-free number has been set up for people to reach them with questions about the recall: (888) 376-2054


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  1. Its_Miller_Time says:

    Go figure…my daughter has been off formula for a month or so now, but just last week we had to go and buy her some of the “Go & Grow” formula because she was really sick (on top of teething) and the one we get is filled with beetle guts. Awesome.

    thanks for the .pdf because I couldn’t get the website to work! :-)

  2. kosmo @ The Soap Boxers says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it was possible for companies to rent extra server capacity when they anticipated spikes in traffic? You could probably build an industry around that need.

    What, you CAN do that?

    (Sorry – I’m growing very annoyed at seeing manufacturer’s sites be unresponsive after a recall, when’s there’s a reasonable way to mitigate this.)

  3. Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

    I wonder if my OB knows about the recall; they give out Similac sample kits to patients. My baby won’t drink formula, so I threw out my Similac formula weeks ago.

  4. steveliv says:

    the containers we have were all recalled…going to replace them later today

  5. Jfielder says:

    Yesterday my sister took her 3 cans of Similac into Meijer to try and get refunded for them… The first person at the customer service desk said “uhhhh, I haven’t heard anything about any formula recalls, I’m going to have to get a manager”. Manager comes over “yeah, we haven’t heard anything about this, and can’t find any info regarding this, so…..”. All of this was happening while she was toting around her baby, who was getting rather cranky… since ya know, she had nothing to eat on hand that didn’t contain beetles. She had to just take the cans of formula with her to try and return later, and buy a bottle of the liquid formula.

    • Chris Morran says:

      That’s horrible… FYI, generally speaking, any food recall should be listed (as this one was) on the FDA’s foodsafety site (foodsafety.gov)
      In this case, the FDA site didn’t have the full list of recalled lots, but at least the manager would have been able to confirm that a recall had been issued and that your sister wasn’t trying to scam anyone.

  6. goldilockz says:

    Was able to return 5 containers with no problems at my local Safeway.