Scammer Flips Free Kitties For Profit

A Park Slope woman who gave away her kittens on Craigslist was later shocked and aghast – a common affliction among Park Slope residents – to see the buyer posting an ad trying to sell the very same kittens, even though her ad said that if the buyer wasn’t going to keep the kittens themselves, they were to return them to her. Turns out the woman she gave them to is a serial “cat flipper.”

These are folks scoop up “free to a good home” cats posted on classified sections and then turn around and sell them for a profit.

When confronted, the buyer wrote the seller back, “I just decide to find them homes…You still gave them away to me for free, no contract, once in my hand their [sic] initially mines. That means if I wanted to give them to my nieces, stranger walking the street, dad, or grandmother thats initially on me. … I’m not gonna sit here going back and fourth with you, then get excited and have an asthma attack.”

Rescue organizations recommend charging an adoption fee to deter cat flippers and to have an adoption agreement in writing.

Slope woman gets a cat scam as free felines are later sold! [The Brooklyn Paper]

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