Diesel Website Wants Color Scan Of Your Credit Card Via Email

I know credit card fraud is rampant, but I’m not sure sending full scans of your card through email is the proper way to fix things.

Here’s the notice a tipster received when he recently tried to place an order through dieselonlinestore.com:

Thanks for shopping at Diesel Online Store.

We confirm your order […] is currently on hold to allow our Payment Department to conduct the necessary payment verification.

The e-mail you received is part of the anti-fraud procedure used by Diesel Online Store in order to protect its customers from possible fraudulent activities.

To allow us to release your order, please send a colour scanned copy or a picture of the front and back of the card used for the order to payment@dieselonlinestore.com.

We guarantee all the data you send will be destroyed as soon as the payment has been verified, in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please reply to payment@dieselonlinestore.com providing the requested information within six days from when the order was placed. If we do not receive any communication from you within this time frame your order will unfortunately have to be cancelled.

We remain at your disposal should you require further assistance.

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