Updated List Of Airports With Full-Body Scanners

Just in case you had thought/hoped/prayed that the use of full-body scanners at airports was going to be a passing fad, you should know that the devices continue to sprout up at security checkpoints everywhere. In just the last few months, seven more airports have joined the roster.

Thanks to the good people at Jaunted, we can bring you this current (for now) list of airports here and abroad where you might have to opt for an “enhanced” pat-down before the screeners hassle you into just walking through the scanner anyway.

Airports listed in bold are the latest additions to the list.

· Albuquerque International Airport (ABQ)
· Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL)
· Baltimore-Washington International (BWI)
· Boise Airport (BOI)
· Boston-Logan International (BOS)
· Brownsville-South Padre Island Airport (BRO)
· Buffalo-Niagara International (BUF)
· Charlotte Douglas International (CLT)
· Chicago-O’Hare Airport (ORD)
· Columbus International Airport (CMH)
· Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP)
· Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport (DFW)
· Denver International Airport (DEN)
· Detroit Metro Wayne County Airport (DTW)
· Harrisburg International Airport (HIA)
· Indianapolis International Airport (IND)
· Jacksonville International Airport (JAX)
· Laredo International Airport (LRD)
· Las Vegas-McCarran Airport (LAS)
· Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
· McAllen-Miller International Airport (MFE)
· Memphis International Airport (MEM)
· Miami International Airport (MIA)
· Milwaukee Mitchell Airport (MKE)
· Nashville International AIrport (BNA)
· Phoenix Sky Harbor (PHX)
· Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)
· Providence-T.F. Green International (PVD)
· Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU)
· Richmond International Airport (RIC)
· Rochester International Airport (RST)
· Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
· San Diego International Airport (SAN)
· San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
· Tampa International Airport (TPA)
· Tulsa International Airport (TUL)
· Valley International Airport (HRL)
· Washington DC’s Reagan Airport (DCA)

· Amsterdam-Schipol Airport (AMS)
· Gimhae/Busan International (PUS)
· Gimpo/Seoul International (GMP)
· Jeju International (CJU)
· London-Heathrow (LHR)
· Manchester Airport (MAN)
· Moscow-Sheremetyevo International (SVO)
· Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG)
· Regina International Airport (YQR)
· Rome-Leonardo da Vinci/Fiumicino (FCO)
· Toronto Pearson International (YYZ)
· Tokyo-Narita International (NRT) *Trial period
· Vancouver International (YVR)

Seven More Airports Added to Our List of Those with Full-Body Scanners [Jaunted.com]


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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    DCA has one but not Dulles? Odd.

    • Joewithay says:

      that is odd especially since BWI has them too

    • pinkbunnyslippers says:

      I am pretty sure there was one the last time I flew out of there – maybe this isn’t that updated?

    • Etoiles says:

      I bet it’s because of how they *just* redid all of the security at IAD when they opened the AirTrain, so it’s all brand new but not, now, updated to this new standard. So they’ll have to update the whole “new” area.

  2. UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

    OK, bets on how many comments before someone smugly says, “I sure am glad I don’t fly!”?

    • Jozef says:

      I’m driving from GA to NJ next week, and the week after that back. So yes – if I can make it by a car, I don’t fly :P

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        Well, if I don’t have to I’ll often fly, but there’s a sort of smug type that lurks on the Internet who thinks it’s a virtue to not fly.

        We don’t understands them, Precious.

        • KyBash says:

          I don’t fly.

          I don’t see it as a virtue — it’s just a case of not wanting to go somewhere bad enough to put up with all the BS.

          I don’t understand people who fly for vacations. Where do they live that’s so terrible they can’t find a wonderful spot within driving distance and avoid the expense, hassle, and inevitable problems of going long distances in this consumer-hating country?

          • Skankingmike says:

            seriously? You need to experience life more. You must be part of that vast majority of people who lack a passport.

            • GinaLouise says:

              Even the no-passport people can at least go to Alaska and Hawaii. The “driving distance” dude is limited to getting his kicks by going ’round the block a few times.

              • myCatCracksMeUp says:

                You can go a lot farther than ‘around the block’ without driving.

                We live near DC and have been all over the eastern US – almost everything east of the Mississippi – by driving. We have great vacations.

          • SuperSnackTime says:

            did you just call america consumer-hating? wow.

  3. ShruggingGalt says:

    Odd that Brownsville-South Padre got them before one of the CLEAR airports – MCO.

  4. Miss Malevolent says:

    I think what people should do if they opt for the invasive pat search is moan suggestively as they are touched…then that might bring the practice to a stop.

    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

      Tried that once. All I got was a dirty look that suggested that the pat down could become way more invasive rather quickly.

      I like my orifices just the way they are, so I stopped.

    • dg says:

      The scene with Meg Ryan comes to mind…. When Harry Met Sally?

      To paraphrase “I’ll have the enhanced pat down please!”

  5. rubicthecube says:

    The illusion of safety. Let’s be honest, the “bad guys” get extremely creative when it comes to smuggling. All this taking off my shoes crap is for the birds. Unbeknownst to me, I once brought something illegal onboard, not dangerous, just illegal to bring onboard. I was never stopped or anything. Upon landing I realized that TSA is a joke, and a waste of money.

  6. cash_da_pibble says:

    Oh good, no Oakland.

    Well, for now anyway.

  7. JoJack82 says:

    I went through one at Pearson. I don’t see what the big deal is. I was offered a pat down as an alternative but chose the easier and less invasive scan. My wife and Doctor are the only people I let cup my balls.

  8. DariusC says:

    Woo! Non for Minneapolis!

    *Wags pointer fingers and dances around in a circle*

  9. Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

    Are the checkpoint scanners-only? Or are there body-scanners in addition to the regular metal detectors?

    • JoJack82 says:

      in addition to the metal detectors. And only some people get the extra screening.

      • Toffeemama is looking for a few good Otters says:

        Okay good, because I flew from BWI last month… and I would have been pretty pissed off to find out that what looked like regular metal detectors were actually body scanners.

        • s0s has a chewy nougat center says:

          Yeah, if I were to find out that “metal detector” at DEN had in fact been a full body scanner, I would be HELLA pissed.

          Though I suppose it’s moot now, since I’m getting plates and screws put into my leg and can thus look forward to more routine selection for a photoshoot or a grope (from the same people who grabbed my medical brace and YANKED it off because it was made of metal, and got huffy with me when I shrieked in response to the blinding pain).

      • fs2k2isfun says:

        Not true. At Corpus Christi, everyone goes through the scanner by default, though you can opt out and go through the metal detector instead.

  10. DustingWhale says:

    Seatac (seattle) is getting one just in time for me to fly to Las Vegas… ugh.

  11. sonneillon says:

    I would feel better about the body scanner if I could keep my damn shoes on. That slows up the whole damn screening process is people dancing around and hopping back and forth taking shoes on and off.

    Scan me marvel at my doodle. Xray my lap top and bags. Let me go. Don’t just keep adding machines and extra time to the screening process. Take something back.

  12. pop top says:

    Yuck. At Detroit, Las Vegas and Atlanta, the three airports I use the most. I wonder if they would get mad if you covered your “private areas” while they scanned…

    • JoJack82 says:

      you have to hold your arms out while they scan. I have flown about 10 times since Pearson got one and only been through it once. I think they randomly select people to go through it.

      • Erika'sPowerMinute says:

        Everyone, not just a few random selectees, goes through the one at Corpus Christi International–then again, the airport is really a hangar in the middle of a sorghum field, so like twelve people a day fly out of it.

        I’m sure that commuter flights to Houston are totally in the crosshairs of international terrorists, so I certainly feel safer.

    • grebby says:

      In addition to tinfoil hats, we will now be offering tinfoil underpants.

      – Acme Conspiracy Theorist Supply Corp. Inc. GMBh SpA

  13. MaxSmart32 says:


    Central Wisconsin Airport has them too…

  14. Hooray4Zoidberg says:

    Ft. Lauderdale has them, but I didn’t see it on the list. Went through there last month and they tried to make our whole line use it. There was sign saying you could refuse the body scanners but the agents at checkpoint tried to act like it wasn’t optional. They authoritatvley directed people through it, if you tried to go through the normal metal detector they yell “No this way” and motion towards the body scanner.

    I intended to decline the body scanner anyways but was able to slip through the standard metal detector while they were arguing with a woman in a wheel chair. She insisted on using the full body scanner for some reason while they were actually trying to convince her to use the regular metal detect. It was an odd experience all together, but I avoided both the scanner and pat down.

  15. peebozi says:

    I’m refusing in the hopes a get a “happy ending” before my next flight!!!

    It’s not gay if a guy has to do it, is it?

  16. mechteach1 says:

    · Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)


    • fs2k2isfun says:
      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        Thanks for that. I hope it actually works.

      • MauriceCallidice says:

        From that site: “Be aware that the TSA is using what they call an “enhanced pat down” in many instances. These pat downs are much more rigorous and often include the TSA using their palms to touch your genitals in a manner that could feel like sexual assault. If you feel that you or your child were inappropriately touched during the enhanced pat down, call for a law enforcement officer.”

        Good luck getting anywhere with that.

  17. Raekwon says:

    Wow go HIA! Unlike most I’m still trying to get to go through one of these things. HIA is so small my chances are good. Flying there in October too!

  18. Mary Richards says:

    I just flew through CDG and LHR and, as far as I know, I didn’t get scanned. I did get felt-up, though (London)…and I while most could leave their shoes on, I had to take mine off because I was sporting boots with heels (a double whammy).

  19. hypochondriac says:

    Good no JFK or LGA :)

    • msbask says:

      I wonder if this is because of the volume going through those airports? Or because NYers are a rowdy bunch and the TSA doesn’t want to deal with the uproar?

  20. Jack'sPumpkinQueen says:

    The San Jose, CA airport (SJC) has them too and it is not on this list. I flew from there a few weeks ago and it was optional to go through them. I did not. The last thing I need is some airport employee pointing and giggling when I go through.

  21. redheadsrbest says:

    MCI Airport in Kansas City also has them, though not at every security point. I managed to get into the plain old metal detector line.

    • Woodside Park Bob says:

      Does MCI still have a separate security checkpoint for almost every gate? That airport’s design, unless they’ve changed it, is a nightmare for security with outside entrances from the drop-off lanes and parking lots directly to almost every gate.

      • varro says:

        In May they did, complete with TSA *contract employees* working the security.

        Think people who can’t even get a job with the regular TSA.

    • kwjayhawk says:

      MCI has them but only at Southwest Terminal B. A and C are sans peep show

  22. aloria says:

    I was at Las Vegas-McCarran Airport last month and didn’t see any full-body scanners. Are they only at certain checkpoints?

  23. homer2324 says:

    I recently traveled via San Francisco International Airport to another. While I saw the Full-Body Scanner and the poster saying people can opt for the ‘pat-down check’, the neither of which was being performed on travelers.

    I bet their uses depends on… how badly they want to look at you or pat you down?

    • varro says:

      Well, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it *is* San Francisco.

      “One out of ten of the [travelers] *enjoyed* the [enhanced pat-down].”

  24. fs2k2isfun says:

    Montreal (YUL) has them too, at least in the US departures area.

  25. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Arrgh! Phoenix has one. That’s the next airport I’ll have to go through security at!

  26. watch me boogie says:

    This year I’ll need to fly through at least two airports that have them, and for the first time I have real anxiety about going through security. I don’t want to go through their pervy scanner, nor do I want to be invasively manhandled (or womanhandled), just so I can get on a domestic flight. For feck’s sake.

  27. acarr260 says:

    Add Fort Wayne, IN to the list – I just flew out of there last week and went through a scanner.

    • gaya2081 says:

      Fort Wayne International, has to the be the smallest International Airport I have been in.

      *My parents live near Fort Wayne

  28. TheGreySpectre says:

    I flew out of phoenix 2 weeks ago and did not encounter one of these.

  29. GameHen says:

    I politely opted out of the full body scan yesterday in Chicago (“I’d like to opt for the pat down please”) and it was painless. And honestly, the “enhanced” patdown was really not overly weird.

    They’re also only sending about 1/2 the people through the scanners. It seems like a random selection process. I was a friend (non-U.S. citizen from India) and they sent her through the normal metal detector only.

    • GameHen says:

      edit: was with* a friend

    • BigHeadEd says:

      I opted out at O’Hare on Wednesday. Other than having to stand like a scolded school child beside the machine while they tried to track down a “male assist”, it was no biggie. The TSA guy did ask me while he was snapping on the gloves why I’d refused the scan. I should have said “None of your business”, but instead I told him that I found the technology invasive.

  30. fairywench says:

    I went through the El Paso airport over the 4th of July holiday, and they were shuttling everyone through them.

  31. Woodside Park Bob says:

    Washingtonians don’t call DCA “Reagan Airport.” Locals call it “Reagan National” or just “National.” Technically it is “Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.” “Washington” actually refers to George Washington, not the city. It used to be “Washington National.” Congress ordered the name change while the Republicans were in charge. They didn’t provide the money to pay the costs of the name change, though. That cost the local Metro system millions to redo all the signs in subway stations, etc.

  32. brianisthegreatest says:

    I’m glad I live closer to the unlisted Orlando airport. Many times before it has been flying out of Jacksonville for me. Lucky!

  33. nocturnaljames says:

    Why I refuse to fly these days. If enough people protest with their pocketbooks, this is the only way to get rid of these intrusive violations. They make great jobs for pedo’s and perverts with no college degrees.

  34. theblackdog says:

    Has anyone seen the TSA actually use them? I have been flying out of BWI since they put those things in 2-3 years ago, and I have yet to see TSA use them.

  35. AI says:

    I’ll add:
    Edmonton International Airport (YEG)
    Calgary International Airport (YYC)

    Saw them there a couple of weeks ago.

  36. divedeep says:

    I went through one of the scanners in Denver recently. I don’t really care about someone looking at my scan – big deal. What bothered me was how long each scan takes. Security lines would take f-o-r-e-v-e-r if these replaced metal detectors.

  37. zekebullseye says:

    Cincinnati has one. I saw a certain famous African American actor get scanned. He was dressed way down to hide his identity but I wasnt fooled. Don’t bother asking me who he was. I don’t want to violate his privacy, like those stupid scanners do.

  38. There's room to move as a fry cook says:

    Add EPT to that list.


    “Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, I scanned a beautiful Mexican girl.”

  39. Pax says:

    I’ve considered taping little bits of aluminum foil to my body, spelling out the words “EAT ME”, for the fun and entertainment of whatever TSA officer has to endure seeing my bloated self on that screen.

  40. Fantoche_de_Chaussette says:

    The terrorists have won: they’ve turned an ostensibly “freedom-loving” country into the vanguard of invasive police-state tactics.

    We now need government permission to fly — the airlines are prohibited from issuing a boarding pass unless the TSA computer greenlights your name.

    We must now submit to an intrusive body search when we fly — and passenger searches are being increasingly applied to buses, trains, subways, and even car traffic (Google “TSA VIPR Teams”).

    And all this security theater accomplishes … nothing. The real-world rule is still “you can carry anything you want onto the plane, as long as it fits in your rectum.”

    So why, why are we letting our politicians get away with trading in our civil liberties for this “security theater”, just so they can get a cheesy soundbite for their next re-election ad? Why isn’t anyone calling these demagogues out on this?

  41. Lisalynne says:

    I seriously do not get what the big deal is. I travel to Amsterdam all the time, I have been through the full body scanner multiple times. No problem at all.

    You want to make travel easier? Stop making me take my laptop out of my bag (unless I buy an expensive “TSA Approved” computer bag).

  42. dvdchris says:

    as long as they have a yellow-eyed Michael Ironside yelling at you during security checkpoint. That would be cool

  43. Wei says:

    I recently flew out of Ft. Lauderdale international, they had one.

  44. Cicadymn says:


    I just came upon a stroke of genius.

    Invent some sort of penis extending device that blends well enough with your junk that all you have to do is slip it on and never be self conscious about airport scanners again! Order them online, ship anywere, low price (20-50 bucks) very discrete packaging.

    Million dollar idea

  45. Brian Cooks says:

    Flying through BOS after thanksgiving. Planning to have a MASSIVE boner as I go through the scanner, who’s with me?

  46. dush says:

    What would they do if you acted like you REALLY wanted a pat down?

  47. TheJinManCan says:

    … so?