Why Is There A Dollar Sign In This Jewly Bandz Chanukah Set?

The makers of Jewly Bandz, a Jewish-themed knockoff of those Silly Bandz things that kids today are into, are having to do some explaining after the Internet noticed that, along with recognizably Jewish icons like a menorah and a dreidel, there is also a dollar sign included in its Chanukah Set.

The company’s owner had this to say to the ladies of TheGloss, who originally broke the story:

The dollar sign in the set is there to symbolize the “Chanukah-Gelt” – which is an old Jewish tradition. During Chanukah Jewish children all over the world are given coins or chocolate coins (to symbolize the real coins). The Dollar sign in the set comes to remind us of that. By the way, they were created by Rabby Moshe Rabin. Maybe it is not the best choice, but this is what the manufacturer chose for that symbol (probably if he would have tried to show coins it would just be a round silly band – and that would defeat the purpose).

Has the Jewlybandz Website Been Hacked? [TheGloss.com]