Walmart Time Vortex Yields Overpriced Memory Device

Philip found this 2.5 gigabyte hard drive on his Walmart’s clearance rack. Maybe it’s an error, or maybe someone’s hoping a shopper mistakes the “g” for a “t” and thinks they’re getting a smoking deal on 2.5 terabytes.

Or maybe Philip’s Walmart is inside a time-travel wormhole stuck in 2003.


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  1. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Put an Apple sticker on it and it’ll be sold in milliseconds.

    • Foot_Note says:

      +1 :)

    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:
      • dolemite says:

        After seeing $150 for an 8 GB nano, and $225 for an 8 GB touch…I believe the horse needs beating some more.

        • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

          What’s an equivalent device in that price range (touch screen, fit/finish) that sells for significantly less?

          If bulk storage is all you want, yes, it’s expensive per GB. However, I suspect that most manufacturers realize that bulk storage alone isn’t what most consumers want.

          • Anonymously says:

            I’ve got a neighbor that will give your nano a touch for free.

          • Mike says:

            “What’s an equivalent device in that price range (touch screen, fit/finish) that sells for significantly less?”

            Took my five minutes to find these:

            Archos 501547 3 CAMvision MP4 Player- Video cam, touch screen, FM tuner, FM transmitter, plays video, nice and shiny for $99.

            Mach Speed Trio-TCH843 8GB- 4.3″ touch screen, SD card slot, two headphone jacks, plays videos.

            Archos 2 Vision 8GB- Nice slider design, plays music AND video, is shiny and sells for…wait for it…$39.99.

            Your love for Apple is amazing, almost as amazing as my disdain for overpriced electronics. But it’s cool if you love your Apple products, your money, but don’t pretend like there aren’t viable alternatives.

            • BobOki says:

              I’ll bite… because I love the everything ever vs. apple.
              Which one of your devices listed allows you to dnload theoretically unlimited amount of applications drastically changing the usefullness of that device, from an ebook reader, to a credit card scanner, to a media player, back to a web browser, now it’s a video game machine, oop back to a account management and time keeping device.
              While I agree you will find devices out there much cheaper to handle the BASE features, you will not find another device that does the same…. closest I think I see is a android phone… which is *gasp* around the same price.
              Being fair when trying to deride equipment from a company you obviously do not like is a very hard thing to do, but please stop making an effort to sacrifice your own integrity to make a non-valid point.
              p.s. yes, memory and hard drives from apple are overpriced…. so don’t buy those from apple.

              • Mike says:

                Archos 32 501570 Internet Tablet – 3.2″ LCD, Andriod, 8GB- $149.99

              • Mike says:

                “but please stop making an effort to sacrifice your own integrity to make a non-valid point.”

                Wait, I showed several products that are cheaper than the iPod nano and do MORE, but you think I sacrificed my integrity? Ummmm…OK?

                If I had more time I would tackle the iPod touch, but the Archos 32 501570 is a GREAT alternative to the iPod touch since it runs Android.

                • Kitten Mittens says:

                  It’s also CONSIDERABLY bigger than the latest nano and has gotten lots of horrible reviews for both user interface and stability on Amazon.

                  I’m no fanboi, but this appears to be comparing apples to oranges.

                  • Mike says:

                    Sigh. OK, this list is comparable to the Nano-

                    Archos 501547 3 CAMvision MP4 Player- Video cam, touch screen, FM tuner, FM transmitter, plays video, nice and shiny for $99.

                    Mach Speed Trio-TCH843 8GB- 4.3″ touch screen, SD card slot, two headphone jacks, plays videos.

                    Archos 2 Vision 8GB- Nice slider design, plays music AND video, is shiny and sells for…wait for it…$39.99.

                    And this one is comparable to the iPod touch:

                    Archos 32 501570

                    Apples to apple if you will.

                    OK kids, I am done, I proved my point. Now I am going to make a phone call on my phone that consumer reports DOES recommend because it doesn’t have a special spot where I can’t touch it to make calls. Oh, and I am going to drink some haterade while I am at it, mmmmmm.

                    • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

                      Consumer Reports is great, but just because they don’t recommend something doesn’t make it bad, either.

                      Also, yes, some of those devices you listed sound really nice for consumers willing to give up the support that Apple offers as well as the sleek designs. I’m not. I will gladly pay more to have a device that includes brick and mortar support. I know I’m paying for this.

                      I just don’t understand why you and others seem to think it’s your mission to insult, berate, denigrate, and otherwise attack both Apple and its users at any chance. How does my use of a device in any way change your use of a device?

                      It doesn’t.

                      I never had problems with my iPhone 4. When I said this, someone called me an idiot. What? I’m an idiot because it does what I want? HUH?

                      The anti-Apple thing is stale and old. It’s as dead as a dead horse can be. The worst part is that this post had nothing to do with Apple, but like a Gizmodo rising, someone had to find a way to make this an attack on Apple.

                      It’s just tiring. I want to enjoy laughing at Wal*Mart pricing without hearing about how I’m stupid for something unrelated.

                    • Mike says:

                      Sorry bro, I posted a response, but for some reason it didn’t post here and got put in the main thread. Maybe if I was using Safari it would have worked properly. ;)

              • Southern says:

                Archos is awesome. I’ve had 3 different models (always upgrading) – the currently one being the 705WiFi (It’s rather old now, but still does everything I need it to do).. I’m surprised they never had more market penetration than they did with those devices.

            • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

              I see nothing wrong with people not wanting to buy Apple. That’s fine.

              I find it kind of tiresome how every electronics thread on this site inevitably has a comment from someone saying, “Anyone who buys from Apple is dumb! They’re dumb! I’m smart! They’re dumb!”

              It gets tiring. The condescension for the dumb Apple buyers is old. Get over it. Move on. Let people buy what they want and leave them in peace.

              • MeowMaximus says:

                I have never said that CrApple owners are dumb. I have said that they seem to have more money than sense. CrApple products are highly overrated, overpriced, and suffer from crippling DRM and other issues cause by Steve Job’s ego. My $30 music player sounds every bit as good as an iPod, plays almost any format, and requires NO installer or bloatware filled “manager” application to use. Just plug it in to the USB port, copy songs over, and I’m ready to go.

            • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

              Also, I wasn’t “pretending” squat. I don’t follow Archos’s offerings, so I legitimately didn’t know.

          • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

            If you wait around for a month or so, you may find one of these at the local Worst Buy (thanks Mike for remembering Archos. Too bad I got lured to Dear Leader’s shiny new toy before I read about this – an Android 2.2 based iPod touch-alike for $100?! Score!

        • shepd says:
    • bluecoyote says:
    • Mike says:

      +1 It’s funny because it’s true.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        You’re still sad that it wasn’t you making the obligatory anti-Apple comment first. Be honest.

    • Eat The Rich -They are fat and succulent says:

      Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh SNAP!

    • consumerd says:

      I felt the apple burn over here…. Hey anyone for apple pie?

  2. Michaela says:

    I don’t think they are expecting someone to mistake giga for tera. Instead, I bet they assume some computer-novice will purchase the item for their child or grandchild (thinking that it is the high-quality item the person desired).

    • BBBB says:

      I see this all the time at Walmarts, stationary stores, and other similar stores. The clearance pricing for all merchandise is set by formula based on the original price – no allowance for items like computer accessories that become obsolete quickly. These stores do not allow the staff to make decisions – in the large picture of running the store, it is more profitable to let this happen for a few items than to either hire talented staff and/or spend the time to research pricing on the few items like this. [It could be the correct strategy for the business model of the store.]

      Don’t automatically attribute to malice what can be explained by bureaucracy or laziness.

  3. Foot_Note says:

    “walmart.. we sell you less”

  4. Pax says:

    That’s not a full-sized hard drive. It’s small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand, and probably also has good shock protection (being small and mobile, and all).

    I still think that even that “sale” price is overpriced, mind.

  5. Taliskan says:

    Quick Google search shows this product in 6GB size goes for $90-190. o.O

  6. AnonymousCoward says:

    A quick search yields the 5GB version of this selling for $20 on, or, $259 from a place called cheappcupgrade.

    Seen in that light, $85.96 doesn’t seem that bad….

    • Southern says:

      According to a review of the device @ – the only advantage this drive had over Flash Drives (when it came out) was that flash memory was still extremely expensive, and while you could pick this drive up for $~83, a 4GB Flash Drive cost “almost 4 times as much” (making a 4GB Flash Drive cost what, $~350?)

      These days, there’s absolutely no reason for a device like this.. I’m sure someone will buy it tho.

      • ShadowFalls says:

        That and this device has a much higher chance of failing and a shorter life than a flash drive will offer now. The price is what is the joke, I wouldn’t even buy it for $5. Should just hand it to an employee or donate it to a charity because there is a really low chance it will ever sell.

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      And Amazon had the version above for 86.99 according to the cache version I see.

    • Dory says:

      Cheap Cup Grade?

  7. JRock says:

    It was probably stock that was lost in the back of the store for quite some time, and it wasn’t devalued properly in the system (perhaps only going on a “$5 every 6 months” scale or some such).

    • TVGenius says:

      I’ve caught a lot of stuff like this, and that’s pretty much what happens. They don’t apply a discount based on how out of date stuff is, just a flat percentage based on time (which isn’t even that much). I’ve seen stuff in yellowed packaging with the plastic coming unglued from the cardboard and it’s only 15% off.

  8. TerpBE says:

    For some reason, that seems to be the best price if you search for it on google shopping (item # ST625211U-RK)

  9. nacoran says:

    I’ve found that if you look through the bin and on the bottom shelf at most big box stores you’ll find the same item at different prices. Computer memory seems to be one of the craziest examples. Video games too.

  10. scoobydoo says:

    My Walmart recently brought out this kind of stuff too – 2 megapixel Fuji camera kits for $90 and other worthless junk.

    Amazing that someone actually printed labels for this and put it on the shelves without breaking out in laughter.

  11. Outrun1986 says:

    The problem with Walmart is that they mark down by department, which means that each department is only allotted so much money for markdowns. Once they hit the cap that is it, they cannot mark down anymore items. If they marked this item down to $5, then that would be $80 that is lost from their markdown allowance, which could probably be better used to slightly reduce the price of items that might actually sell. A department might have a markdown allowance of $2,000 for example total for after Christmas markdowns. This is why you never see good clearances at Walmart, at least here.

    I only know this because one time at Walmart after Christmas I was in the toy department shopping while I overheard 2 employees discussing markdown procedures in detail.

    • Ryan says:

      By contrast at Target, products have specific dates as to when they will go on clearance and what the percentage will be. From my time at Target I can say that there was none of the fascination with budgeting Walmart has that I was aware of as a low level employee. There were also fewer individual department units as it sounds like Walmart has, at least from what my vantage point was.

      BTW, how is Walmart doing financially these days?

      While I’m not trying to use Godwin’s law intentionally, in the past and probably still BP has managed budgets for facilities by allocating a specific sum of money as a budget for the year. The plant managers then had to allocate the money to each division. There were also 25% budget cuts from one year to the next every few years at BP facilities. Which was not great, there was a decline in the conditions at facilities, they became less safe among other issues. The occurrence of fatal accidents at BP facilities should surprise no one. The oil spill in the Gulf by BP already sounds to me like the result of known issues. The Chemical Safety Board(CSB) at has reports and statements on the issue.

      At any rate, Walmart almost sounds like it is traveling down the same path of stupid as BP. No explosions should occur, but this style of management is better described as mismanagement.

    • FrugalFreak says:

      many years ago Walmart before it became super walmart had the best clearance. Walmart bought out a Big K that had SUPER prices.

  12. framitz says:

    Aside from being a terrible product back in ‘the day’, I suspect the item had a standard discount applied when it was put out after finding it under some obscure crap in the stock room. Actual value: Well give me 10 bucks and I’ll dispose of it properly since it is of no value at all now.

  13. Saltillopunk says:

    I’ve gone down the clearance isles at Walmart out of curiosity. A lot of what I saw by the way of computer parts and the like were priced too high in relation to the age of the item. I wonder at what point someone buys it or it gets donated or tossed.

  14. JoeTaxpayer says:

    A 2GB USB stick is now about $7. This is pretty bad. Just bought internal 2TB

  15. Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

    How much do USB flash drives sell for now? You could probably find one in the same section of the same Wallyworld with much more storage for much less money. Who’s missing a clue here today, I wonder?

    • Fafaflunkie Plays His World's Smallest Violin For You says:

      Hell, for shiggles, I went to Wallyworld’s website. Look what I found This is in Canada, by the way, so no doubt you Americans will find this even cheaper! Great job, Walmart!

  16. Mike says:

    Consumer Reports is great, if they don’t recommend something it is usually for good reason, and they have helped me make many smart buying decisions.

    Also, yes, some of those devices listed sound really nice for consumers who don’t want to pay the premium that Apple charges for customer service they never call, as well as the sleek designs that can backfire like an external antenna on a cell phone, or a i7 Macbook that gets too hot because it is not properly cooled, or a problem with the 27 inch iMac screen. I will gladly pay less to have a device that is functional and lacks all kinds of proprietary controls. I know I’m saving money doing this.

    I just don’t understand why you and others seem to think it’s your mission to proselytize, venerate, and otherwise proclaim Apple as the second coming, or claim that the iPad is as Magical as the Ark of the Covenant. How does the fact that you drink the Apple Kool-Aid in any way mean I need to hear Apple fans drone on endlessly about how great their products are?
    It doesn’t.

    I have had many problems with the Apple hardware I have owned. The motherboard on my iMac went bad, and my sister-in-law just gave me her old iPod touch that has corrupt firmware and is un-fixable. When I said this, someone called me crazy, Macs just work. What? I’m crazy because I have experience with overpriced electronics that are so proprietary I can’t fix them like I can all my other electronics?

    The Apple thing is stale and old. It’s as dead as a dead horse can be. The worst part is that the comment to the post was just a joke about Apple. But someone had to find a way to get offended because a joke about Apple was made, and given the choice between insulting Apple or insulting an Apple fan’s mother, you are better off insulting their mother, because the Apple fan will be less offended.

    It’s just tiring. I want to enjoy laughing at funny comments without hearing about how awesome Apple is and why we can’t make jokes about it.

  17. Telekinesis123 says:

    I went to walmart looking to see the prices on USB drives and such looking for a deal, the deals were atrocious – lets just say they know their audience.

  18. Razor512 says:

    But, But, it is USB 2.0. Since we moved to USB 3.0, USB 2.0 is now an antique and thus qualifies for the huge price markup.

  19. odhen says:

    Having previously worked at Walmart, I can say with certainty that that product is no longer at a clearance price. When you see a shelf label with a barcode, it’s not clearance. Clearance shelf labels will have a big “Was $xx.xx” in place of that barcode.

    I can also make out that the item is a “LOC”, or “local” item, which means that it wasn’t even in system at that store, and the information had to come from Walmart’s main item database, where the only pricing information that’s going to come through is the last official price.

    This was probably a return someone did, and it had to be added back in the system. And, as someone else pointed out, each department only gets alloted so much markdown money, if any, per month.

    Even if someone working there was aware that it was an outrageous price for that item, there’s a good chance nothing would be done.

  20. yessongs says:

    I got a 1 gig usb stick for free from Microcenter once…85.00? Rip off!

  21. nutbastard says:

    NEVER buy flash memory at a brick and mortar. SD cards, thumbdrives, CF – all are about 2 to 3 times more expensive than can be had for on the net. 32GB sticks are under $50 these days.

  22. Stevnjessie1 says:

    why pocket ‘hard’ drive? More likely to break, make noise, get hot and 10 times more expensive than a similar memory stick. I’m surprised they’re even for sale.

  23. wee_willie says:

    This must be the Wally’s in Circleville, OH. I swear, they think anything that has to do with computers is soooo valuable. I don’t know if the person who prices this stuff is stupid or thinks the customers are that stupid.