A Guide On Whether To Buy Stuff New Or Used

In the age of internet shopping it’s easy to opt for a cheaper used version of an item rather than its new, more expensive counterpart. The question is whether the savings on used stuff make up for the possible drop in quality.

FreeShipping provides its opinion on 40 items you should always buy either new or used. Here are 10 of the post’s suggestions:

*Bike helmets — New because they’re only designed to hold up for one crash.

*Boats — Used because their value sinks like the Titanic once you drive a new boat out of the sales dock.

*Books — Used because dog-eared pages and coffee stains add character.

*Camera lenses — New because no matter how amazing your camera is, it’s only as strong as its lens.

*Car seats — New because technology is always evolving, making seats safer by the year.

*Cars and trucks — Used because of the depreciation thing.

*Consumer electronics — Used because early adopters are always ditching their months-old stuff and selling it for slashed costs as they go after the next glittery thing that catches their eyes.

*Craft supplies — Used because supply of quality, barely-used old stuff far outweighs demand.

*Diamonds — Used because a diamond is a diamond, so there’s no need to fund a mall salesman’s commission. Just be careful you know exactly what you’re buying.

*DVDs and CDs — Used as long as they’re not badly scratched.

Do you agree with everything on the list? How do you decide whether to buy used or new, and what is your favorite spot to nab used products?

Should You Buy New or Used? 40 Recommendations [FreeShipping]
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