You Can Get Any 42" Samsung Plasma TV From Target, As Long As It's Smashed

Steve’s TV buying experience with Target has not gone well. If he wants to try this a third time, the store is more than willing to let him, but they say he has to pay full price now and there’s still no guarantee a broken TV won’t show up on his doorstep.

He writes:

Question to the community…

Step 1: Order plasma TV from
Step 2: Receive smashed TV at doorstep. TV box shows no signs of trauma.
Step 3: Call, told to drive to nearest Target store to return TV for full refund
Step 4: Told no replacements are in stock, sorry you are missing out on the great online price
Step 5: Luck! TV is back in stock, is still on sale, and is re-ordered
Step 6: Second TV arrives smashed, again, box shows no trauma.
Step 7: Told to drive to store for refund, again.
Step 8: After 2 orders, many days waiting for 2 TVs, 2 phone calls with bonus hold time, and 2 non-trivial drives to the store to return – I am told I can try my luck on a 3rd box of broken glass, which is no longer on sale.

The reviews on this Samsung 42″ Plasma TV at exclusively mention receiving broken TVs (including my review). Is this common with shipped flat screens? Should Target make even the slightest attempt at customer satisfaction or retention? Is my time and gas for at least the second trip to the store worth nothing?…or am I out of line? And who or what will raise my children in the meantime?

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