Burger King Tells Me To Pull Into Handicapped Parking Spot So It Can Cheat Drive-Thru Timer

You’re at a drive-thru, you’ve already paid and are stuck in line waiting for your food. You’re at the mercy of an employee who may ask you to pull off to the side so the restaurant can cheat the timer so Corporate continues to think service is quick. But what do you do when the employee tells you to pull into a handicapped spot?

David found himself in such a situation:

I went through the drive through and ordered some Whoppers for me and my fiancee. After ordering, they told me that their Whopper patty meat wasn’t ready yet and it would be a few minutes until it was.

So I was fine with that and even expected them to cheat the drive-through timer by asking me to pull over, which they did. The part that I wasn’t fine with was that the girl asked me to pull into the handicapped parking space.

Now for me it’s not just a legality issue (since I’m in no way shape or form handicapped) but it’s also a morality issue. Suffice it to say I was a bit flabbergasted, and let her know my discomfort with parking there. So she asked me to park at the nearest available space, which meant I had to back up to get there and hope no one was trying to go through the drive-through at that moment.

But it seems to me that it’s a bit of a problem when they are so worried about their times that they ask customers to illegally park.

If you abide by such a request and the police catch you, that Whopper combo might cost a few dozen more dollars than you anticipated.

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