A Trick That Lets You Get NFL Sunday Ticket Without DirecTV

John wanted online access to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket, which lets viewers watch just about any NFL game that isn’t blacked out, but he didn’t want to have to order DirecTV for the privilege. When he read that the company started selling the service online — but only to those who are restricted from ordering DirecTV — he thought of a ruse that would get the provider to give him the nod of approval.

He told DirecTV that his landlord wouldn’t allow a DirecTV dish on the home he’s renting:

You had reported last month that NFL Sunday Ticket would be available this year from DirecTV WITHOUT getting a DirecTV dish/subscription. The service would be streamed over your internet connection or mobile phone through the inernet, no dish required. Later, details emerged from DirecTV that this service would ONLY be available to persons who cannot get full DirecTV service at their residence, through dish restrictions or lack of sightlines. Customers who wanted to sign up for the internet-only service would have to call in to DirecTV and “verify” to a CSR through a series of questions that they are not eligible for DirecTV service, and DirecTV is not planning to advertise this new program. Well, I went through the trouble and got the skinny for your readers.

I called in and talked to a nice lady who actually had an inkling of what this was all about. I gave her my story unbidden about being denied the right to place a satellite dish on my rental property, which she accepted. After placing me on hold to check with her supervisor, she directed me to a web address hidden on the DirecTV server, wherein I could sign-up for the internet-only service. Easy sign-up, one simply has to attest that one does not have DirecTV service at their address, has NEVER had it at their address, and CANNOT have it at their address. The cost is $350, which is outrageous of course, but football fanatics like our family will pay it. After payment, you’re in, and able to access the video streams. The internal address is here:


Hopefully your readers who wanted this service but are bummed about the prohibitive requirements DirecTV looked to be putting on it will be able to sign-up for the service without much hassle.

If you try this, let us know how it works out.

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