$350 And An Internet Connection Will Get You NFL Sunday Ticket Without Subscribing To DirecTV

If you’re a football fan who has been pining for NFL Sunday Ticket but can’t because you’re unable or unwilling to switch to DirecTV, you might be in luck — if you’re able to part with $350. The satellite provider confirms to Consumerist that it will be making an online-only version of Sunday Ticket available to anyone with an internet connection.

The yet-unnamed service will be launching the week before the first game of the season. Just like the Sunday Ticket package sold to DirecTV subscribers, the online-only version will provide subscribers with access to all NFL games aired during the day each Sunday.

However, especially for the price, the video quality may leave some customers wanting for better. DirecTV says the stream will go out in full 720p HD, “but most viewers won’t be able to experience the service at that resolution.” Ultimately it will all depend on the quality of their internet connection.

As for the $350 price tag, it is higher than the around $300 that DirecTV subscribers pay for Sunday Ticket. But for some people who are locked into contracts with their cable providers or who just don’t feel like slapping a dish on their roof (or pointing it out the window), this might be worth a look.

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