Personal Finance Roundup

7 strategies to avoid the college debt trap [The Washington Post] “Here’s my guide for parents about avoiding the student-debt trap.”

Acing Tricky Questions [Wall Street Journal] “The way you react to a question or work through an answer can actually score more points with the interviewer than the answer you give.”

Going to Be a Mommy? Know Your Rights [Wise Bread] “A look at the rights you do have under both federal and state law in the U.S.”

10 Things Plumbers Won’t Tell You [Smart Money] “#1. There’s an old plumber’s adage: ‘An ounce of prevention could cost me thousands.'”

19 things your millionaire neighbor won’t tell you [Smart Spending] “If you’re like him, you’ll accumulate your wealth gradually by diligently saving your money over multiple decades.”



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  1. fredbiscotti says:

    “19 things your millionaire neighbor won’t tell you” would be a useful article if it wasn’t so loaded with embedded advertisements and links to revenue generators. It makes it really hard to read.

    Maybe “sneaking clicks into your posts if you’re MSNBC” is number 20 on that list….

    • Dave Farquhar says:

      And the funny thing about the links in “19 things your millionaire neighbor won’t tell you” is that your millionaire neighbor wouldn’t click on any of them in a million years.

  2. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    What bothers me is that articles like the “Going to be a Mommy?” article never talk about what rights the fathers have to take off work for maternity leave (cause they have a new baby, too). If they don’t have any, they should.

    • Nigerian prince looking for business partner says:

      I’ve noticed the same thing. We’re expecting our second child and I almost feel like that as an active father, who is married, and involved in the pregnancy, that I’m in the minority. You’d be amazed at how local hospitals and doctor’s offices go out of their way to never mention the father or husband in their literature. It’s always very awkward and clearly done as a find-and-replace, by replacing “father” with “delegated birthing partner” or “designated family member” by whoever put the pamphlets & websites together.

  3. pcPhr34k says:

    So when I first saw the picture for this article, I thought “How cute, they used Monopoly money.” Then I looked closer… it’s the current currency for the U.S. LOL!