Personal Finance Roundup

7 strategies to avoid the college debt trap [The Washington Post] “Here’s my guide for parents about avoiding the student-debt trap.”

Acing Tricky Questions [Wall Street Journal] “The way you react to a question or work through an answer can actually score more points with the interviewer than the answer you give.”

Going to Be a Mommy? Know Your Rights [Wise Bread] “A look at the rights you do have under both federal and state law in the U.S.”

10 Things Plumbers Won’t Tell You [Smart Money] “#1. There’s an old plumber’s adage: ‘An ounce of prevention could cost me thousands.'”

19 things your millionaire neighbor won’t tell you [Smart Spending] “If you’re like him, you’ll accumulate your wealth gradually by diligently saving your money over multiple decades.”


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