Don't Try To Price Match Online Deals At Walmart

Tony tried to get Walmart to drop its price for a car stereo by getting the store to price-match the item, which he found for much cheaper online. His Idaho Walmart, which Tony says has signs outside declaring it will “match any price,” turned him down flat, saying the ad needs to be printed in a newspaper.

He writes:

At my local Walmart in [redacted], Idaho they have signs in the parking lot and big ones in the store calming they will “Match any price”. The signs in the store have in small letters at the bottom “with exceptions”. Well I want to buy a new radio for my car and I’m impatient so I thought I would take advantage of their offer instead of buying the same radio online. The radio was $50 less online.

I called and asked if they would price match the radio and they said yes they would as long as it was the same model. Sweet! Then they told me I had to bring in a ad from a news paper that has the date on it. I asked what about the signs in the front of the store that say you will match any price? The person quickly said good by and then hung up.

PS. If you would like I could go to the store and get some pictures of the signs.

Sure enough, Walmart policy states the store doesn’t match online prices, which makes the presence of those misleading signs all the more alarming. Have you run into similarly specious signs at your Walmart?

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