APX Forgot To Tell Me I Was Paying For A Pretend Alarm System

Logan tells Consumerist that he has a serious issue with his alarm company, APX. He had an alarm system installed a few months ago, but only just now discovered that the alarm wasn’t effective. Being connected to local emergency services is sort of the point of an alarm system, but APX didn’t actually connect Logan’s alarm, perhaps hoping that they wouldn’t notice.

He writes:

Today, my house alarm went off and I was notified by a call to my cell phone. My wife and 6 month old son should have been at home and I couldn’t get a hold of them. I rushed home as fast as I could and found them safe… phew. I phoned APX customer support to cancel the alarm and they said I had to phone my local police to cancel the alarm. I called my local police department and they had no record of an alarm at my address. I called APX customer support back and they said since I don’t have my alarm registered with my local police that the alarm was ignored. I asked them how I register and they said they sent the form on Aug 25 and it should not have arrived yet. I have been paying this alarm company for a couple months already to protect my home and family. I find out now that not only am I paying for a service that isn’t there, I am paying them to prevent myself or my family from getting help in an emergency. My wife and son could have been in grave danger and because of this technicality no one would have come.

So far I have received sympathy and a promise to look into what happened from APX. This sort of thing should NEVER happen to anyone else and I want this public to ensure this is dealt with properly.

This sounds like a miscommunication of some sort, but Logan should at least receive a refund for the months that he was paying for a pretend alarm system.

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