Personal Finance Roundup

10 Things Money Managers Won’t Say [Smart Money] “#1: ‘You may have more investing experience than I do.'”

3 Proven Ways to Save Real Money at Garage Sales [Wise Bread] “Here is how I managed to get some awesome deals!”

6 Tips to Stretch Your Back-to-School Cash [Money Talks News] “Here are five tips for stretching your back-to-school dollars.”

Tips on tipping for 63 services [NY Times] “You know how much to tip the pizza delivery guy, right? But how about the fishing guide, tour guide or tattoo artist?”

Getting a Will: Six Common Questions [Bucks Blog] “Some common queries that tend to arise when writing a will.”



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  1. Alvis says:

    These tipping lists are hysterical.

    “It’s not necessary to tip extra for showing you where the bathroom is located.”
    I would hope not.

    Museum tour guides? Really?

    Bellhops get $1 a bag, but Skycaps get $3-5?

    Grocery baggers, my ass.

    Yaks FTW.

  2. lettucefactory says:

    So who else read that as, “Getting a Wii: Six Common Questions?”

  3. KeithIrwin says:

    A better tip on how to save money at yard sales: don’t be one of those people, like the author of the article, who drives around to a zillion garage sales hoping to score something super special. That way you save a lot of money on gas.

  4. consumerfan says:

    Is there a polite way to let Bathroom Attendants know you’re not interested in their services?