Giant Eagle Dispenses Antidepressants Instead Of Fertility Drugs, Now Taking It Very Seriously

The words “Clomiphene” and “Clomipramine” might look similar, but if you work in a pharmacy, you should know that they stand for very different things. Clomiphene is the generic version of the fertility drug Clomid. Clomipramine is a tricyclic antidepressant. A woman in Pittsburgh says that the pharmacy at a Giant Eagle grocery store gave her the antidepressant when she was prescribed the fertility drug. She had a severe allergic reaction and ended up in the emergency room.

“I called Giant Eagle immediately and said ‘Something is wrong with this prescription,’ and they said ‘Give me your name,’ and they placed me on hold. And when they returned back on the phone they said ‘Ma’am, you’re right, we gave you the wrong medication,'” [the woman] said.

[She] said her mother rushed her to the emergency room where doctors gave her five additional medications to keep her from going into anaphylactic shock.

The grocery chain, of course, told a local news station that they are “taking the incident very seriously and [are] working to rectify the situation.”

It appears that the incorrect medication name appears on a pamphlet the customer received. Always carefully check the printed information with your prescriptions, which should include a list of possible side effects and counterindications, a description of what the medication is used for, and sometimes a physical description of what your pills should look like.

Woman Says Giant Eagle Pharmacy Gave Her Wrong Prescription [WPXI] (Thanks, Morgan!)

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