Tips For Saving Money On Textbooks

The second half of summer is “complain about textbook prices” season, and last week the New York Times put together a special section on the topic and asked experts to weigh in. Too many of the contributors just provide an overview of the situation but no solutions; a publishing industry representative actually defends textbook prices as trivial compared to other educational costs. Fortunately Anya Kamenetz, who writes for Fast Company, suggests Flat World Knowledge. And to be fair, the guy who defended textbooks prices suggests CourseSmart for ebook rentals. The Times also asked students, professors and parents to weigh in with advice.

Here’s your chance to help out other readers. What are some good places to buy textbooks on the cheap? And what are some other strategies that worked for you to avoid paying through the nose for textbooks?

“Getting Around Textbook Sticker Shock” [New York Times]

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