What Does DirecTV Have Against Dallas Cowboys Fans?

If you’ve watched any pre-season football this summer, you’ve likely seen the ads DirecTV has been running for its NFL Sunday Ticket package. The spots feature fans of their local sports teams who are none-too-pleased about non-locals being able to watch their favorite out-of-market (and often rival) teams’ games. One spot features a Packers fan leaving a plate of hate for a 49ers supporter, another has the Patriot-ic residents of Foxboro, Mass., hurling snow at the newcomer Dolphins fan. But only Dallas Cowboys fans have been singled out for mockery in multiple ads — three so far.

The first ad shows an elderly, apparently infirm, man with his Cowboys-loving trophy wife and their dog, Troy Barkman, who tears into the Redskins welcome mat of their new neighbor.

Then came the spot set in a Dallas diner, where Eagles (or as I’d say, Iggles) fans watch the boys in green and gray stomp the rest of the NFC East on their laptops and other mobile devices. Meanwhile, the Cowboys fan waitress wrings her wet rag into their iced teas.

And then the other day, DirecTV aired one that at first appears to be a slam against NYC by featuring a less-than-hygienic Giants fan cab driver. But who are the hick fares he picks up in his cab? That’s right, Dallas fans.

Now I’m all for hating on the Cowboys, so I hope DirecTV continues making spots that slam “America’s Team.” But I had to ask them just why they chose to pick on the ‘Boys.

Believe it or not, I actually got a response from the folks at the satellite company:

Fans in Philly and NYC seem to love the spots, not exactly sure what you mean? Not to worry, Texans have pretty thick skins and even better senses of humor, pretty sure they can handle a little bit of fun. Easy on the taunting though, there are plenty of other fan-based spots that have yet to air.

Below are all three of the spots featuring Cowboys fans (thanks to Nick for the cabbie clip!).

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