What Does DirecTV Have Against Dallas Cowboys Fans?

If you’ve watched any pre-season football this summer, you’ve likely seen the ads DirecTV has been running for its NFL Sunday Ticket package. The spots feature fans of their local sports teams who are none-too-pleased about non-locals being able to watch their favorite out-of-market (and often rival) teams’ games. One spot features a Packers fan leaving a plate of hate for a 49ers supporter, another has the Patriot-ic residents of Foxboro, Mass., hurling snow at the newcomer Dolphins fan. But only Dallas Cowboys fans have been singled out for mockery in multiple ads — three so far.

The first ad shows an elderly, apparently infirm, man with his Cowboys-loving trophy wife and their dog, Troy Barkman, who tears into the Redskins welcome mat of their new neighbor.

Then came the spot set in a Dallas diner, where Eagles (or as I’d say, Iggles) fans watch the boys in green and gray stomp the rest of the NFC East on their laptops and other mobile devices. Meanwhile, the Cowboys fan waitress wrings her wet rag into their iced teas.

And then the other day, DirecTV aired one that at first appears to be a slam against NYC by featuring a less-than-hygienic Giants fan cab driver. But who are the hick fares he picks up in his cab? That’s right, Dallas fans.

Now I’m all for hating on the Cowboys, so I hope DirecTV continues making spots that slam “America’s Team.” But I had to ask them just why they chose to pick on the ‘Boys.

Believe it or not, I actually got a response from the folks at the satellite company:

Fans in Philly and NYC seem to love the spots, not exactly sure what you mean? Not to worry, Texans have pretty thick skins and even better senses of humor, pretty sure they can handle a little bit of fun. Easy on the taunting though, there are plenty of other fan-based spots that have yet to air.

Below are all three of the spots featuring Cowboys fans (thanks to Nick for the cabbie clip!).


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  1. El Matarife says:

    Sllllwwwwwwwww dy.

  2. Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

    Texans have a thick skin, but NOT when it comes to their football. Not from a state easily as obsessed with high school football as they are with college and professional football.

    Clearly, DirecTV did not do their research on that one. Heads will roll.

  3. eccsame says:

    I would wager it’s because Steve in marketing is a huge cowboys fan and the other people in the marketing department are using the ads to mock him. It’s all in good fun.

  4. gqcarrick says:

    Who wouldn’t make fun of the Cowboys? I get all the commercials but the Packers/49ers one. Packers/Bears I can see or 49ers/Seattle/Cardinals, something in the division.

    • lawnmowerdeth says:

      Oh, there’s quite a few years of playoff bad blood between the 49’ers and Packers.

      49ers dominating the early 90’s, then they switched around, then a blown call of what should have been a Jerry Rice fumble ending the game in ’99…

      • ganzhimself says:

        True… But it doesn’t make as much sense as the Eagles/Dallas or Dallas/Washington commercials. That’s just me.

      • gqcarrick says:

        That can be said about almost ANY team. All the rest of the commercials are division rivals, this one made no sense.

      • eyesack is the boss of the DEFAMATION ZONE says:

        I’m a GB fan and don’t really care either way about the 49ers. We were both good teams at around the same period of time, but not even that much – the 49ers were slipping as the Packers were getting better, and when the 49ers were kicking ass, the Packers were just awful.

        And for the past decade or so we really haven’t had much interaction. I wish the people of San Francisco well. Unless we see each other in the playoffs.

    • ganzhimself says:

      I don’t get it either. It’s funny, sure, but it doesn’t make any sense from a rivalry standpoint. GB/SF are not bitter rivals like GB/Chicago or GB/Minnesota.

    • DanGarion says:

      Many Niners fans hate the Packers because of the playoffs game that the Packers knocked the Niners out in.

      Trust me I know, I’m a Niners fan.

      • gqcarrick says:

        If thats the case, why not a Houston/Tennesee commercial and Buffalo. Buffalo beat Houston in the greatest comeback ever, then Tennesee beat Buffalo in that 1999 playoff game with the throwback across the field. All the rest of the commercials are division rivals, they should have stuck to that.

      • danmac says:

        It goes both ways…as a 49er fan, I remember the throw Steve Young made to Terrell Owens in the 1999 NFC wildcard game to ice the Packers…that was an amazing play.

        • partofme says:

          I agree that it goes both ways. I’m a Packers fan, and the first thing I thought of was that damn catch… and how I still hate the 49ers for it. Oh well. Aaron Rodgers > Alex Smith.

  5. alstein says:

    The Cowboys are pretty hateable, like the Yankess in baseball, the Lakers/Celtics in basketball, UNC/Duke in college basketball, etc.

    • Loias supports harsher punishments against corporations says:

      Not sure how you missed the Red Wings. Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

      • cash_da_pibble says:

        Oo! Them Red Wings make me hollerin’ mad-
        I see red, and start talking like Yosemite Sam.

        /Sharks fan, misses Nabby already.

      • alstein says:

        Not a huge hockey fan, but the Wings would probably fit the bill there.

      • Akanbe says:

        So true. I’ve hated the Wings all mah’ life. I’m cool with the other Detroit teams though.

    • danmac says:

      This. Cowboys fans are by far my least favorite fans in the NFL. If you spend any time on football message boards, you’ll find that opinion is shared by many.

    • rework says:

      And don’t forget Notre Dame football…

  6. amgriffin says:

    It’s not REALLY about the Cowboys. It’s the southern accents! It’ll charm your britches off and make you buy some sweet Sunday Ticket Package. Plus, the delicious combination of viciousness and courtesy displayed in these commercials truly genuine to the south. It’s fun to watch!

  7. Straspey says:

    Could it possibly have anything to do with the fact that the fine people of Texas decided, along the way, to anoint the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team” ??

    Ya think, maybe…??

  8. Kishi says:

    They declared themselves to be America’s Team. They pretty set themselves up to be mocked and derided.

    • TheDoctor says:

      Actually it wasnt them at all:

      Bob Ryan, now Vice President and editor-in-chief of NFL Films, coined this for the Cowboys while preparing and editing the team’s 1978 season highlight film.[8] He was quoted as saying:

      I wanted to come up with a different twist on their team highlight film. I noticed then, and had noticed earlier, that wherever the Cowboys played, you saw people in the stands with Cowboys jerseys and hats and pennants. Plus, they were always the national game on television.

      From the wikipedia, KNOWER OF ALL!

    • Awesome McAwesomeness says:

      I want a team called the over-educated elitist’s team, that way we can set ourselves apart.

  9. davere says:

    We also get a Packers/49ers commercial in Florida.

  10. cash_da_pibble says:

    If I recall, the hate the Diner Waitress has is not for the team the patrons are watching- but the fact that their noses are buried in their peripherals.

  11. roguemarvel says:

    I live in North Dallas Texas currently and they run the cowboy ads all the time. Since I’m not a native nor a football fan and most of my friends are other out of state students, I can’t really say how to locals are taking to the ads. However, I did get the impression last season (from some local news) that many local fans were pretty pissed about the Teams unspectacular performance, especially after they got that nice new stadium

  12. zandar says:

    I understand the concepts of blackouts, but I think it’s so stupid. Broadcast of a sports game in the municipality- it’s like an advertisement for the team. it gets even more people whipped up about it and those people, who formerly might not have cared at all, would now be arranging to go see their new favorite team in person. amirite?

    I assume that’s what the controversy here is all about, otherwise I am more confused that I thought.

  13. jaroth says:

    Go Redskins!

  14. odarkshineo says:

    ‘m nt sr hw/why sbmt fr mr ntrstng stff thn ths crp nd t nvr gts pstd……..

    • tbax929 says:

      Considering the number of responses to this story, I’d say that some people find it interesting.

  15. DanGarion says:

    They don’t call them America’s Bandwagon for nothing…

  16. Tom Foolery says:

    Could it be because the Cowboys are evil?

  17. topcad says:

    I don’t know why they would feature Dallas Cowboy fans (cough) most super bowl appearances in history (cough). I mean the team really hasn’t been that great since the 90s (cough) NFC Divisional Playoff Game last year (cough) and it’s not like they are going to be any good this year. ;-)

    Bring it on, baby. Go Cowboys.
    /stilll looking for a Cowboy-lovin’ trophy wife.

  18. Danny Boy says:

    Because they’re all bandwagon fans? Hail!

    • Platypi {Redacted} says:

      So every person that likes the Cowboys is a bandwagon fan? No one could have liked them prior to their successful years? Not a single fan today was a fan when they were 3-13 in ’88? Many are bandwagon fans, but not every fan of a successful team is a bandwagon fan!

      • tbax929 says:

        I tend to only see people in Cowboys gear when the team is doing well. I think most of their fans really are front-runners.

        It’s not just Dallas, though. I live in Arizona (although I’m a Seahawks fan), and you never saw people with Cardinals gear until recently.

        For me, even though the Seahawks are awful, I still wear my gear with pride. I hate front-runners.

      • Danny Boy says:

        That’s correct.

  19. apd09 says:

    The Cowboys are one of the teams with the largest national audiences. No matter what city you go to, you will find fans of the team. Closely following them are teams like the Redskins, 49’ers, Patriots, etc… Think of teams who have enjoyed success in the NFL and are large cities, those people from major cities usually end up moving and those are the people they are targeting.

    The Cowboys have one of the largest fan bases around the country, and also are rivals with many of the other large ones in the NFC East. It is a calculated move on their part to use them because they are a polarizing team that you either love to win or love to see lose.

    • TuxthePenguin says:

      I always laughed at my college roommate. He was an Arizona Cardinals fan and was always so angry when we’d watch a Cowboys-Cardinals game and see the stadium filled with more Cowboy fans than Cardinals (even when the Cardinals were decent). I always called the Stadium “Texas Stadium West” to tweak him more.

      We finally figured that geography might have something to do with it. People living in El Paso/Odessa/Midland might have a shorter drive to go to Arizona than to drive all the way to Dallas.

      • scouts honor says:

        Same goes for many New Mexicans (the ones who aren’t rooting for the Broncos). I once sat next to a whole row of guys who flew in from ABQ to watch the Cowboys beat up on the Cardinals.

        And Arizona was Cowboy country before 1988. I heard the wide fan base was mostly because Cowboys games were broadcast on a bunch of local radio stations all over the country.

  20. blogger X says:

    There is only one thing in the universe I feel confident in saying that Eagles and Giants fans can agree on: Dallas Sucks!!!

  21. alxfromphilly says:

    I think a lot of the Dallas Cowboys animosity stems from the fact that they christened themselves ‘America’s Team’. Such a magnanimous gesture.

  22. lalaland13 says:

    I was raised a Cowboys fan, and I understand why people hate us. Reading “Boys Will Be Boys” by Jeff Pearlman really added fuel to the fire of “Gosh, so that’s why.” Back in the 90s, the vast majority of the people on the team were assholes. Coach Barry Switzer was an asshole. Jimmy Johnson? Asshole. Same with Jerry Jones. There was a house for coke and whores set up near Valley Ranch. Only a handful of people come off looking half-decent, including Troy Aikman and maybe Emmit Smith. They were good, and they knew it, and they partied like it. They had a limo full of uh, paid woman (they called it the skank train or something) bussed to the Super Bowl one year.

    So maybe they read the book. Or they figure football-loving Texans are an easy target. Oh hey, a golddigger and her feeble rich husband! The ads aren’t bad. Way less annoying than Peyton Manning telling me what I’m missing, or the movies edited to be lectures about how much I suck for not having DirecTV.

  23. parrotuya says:

    The Cowboys stopped being “America’s Team” in 1989 when some unknown Ar-Kansan hillbilly bought the team and tossed head coach Tom Landry out like a piece of trash.

    DOWn, baby, DOWn!

  24. PhiTauBill says:

    Because even GOD condones hating the Cowboys and their fanbase.

  25. SlappyFrog says:

    Um….they’re the Dallas Cowboys, that’s why you make fun of them. Duh.

  26. CookiePuss says:

    I love the one where the old lady leaves a cake that says Dirtbag on it on her neighbors doorstep then runs away after ringing the doorbell. Good stuff. I still hate directv though, dirtbags! :D

  27. flipnut says:

    How about one for the Cowboys fans that have never been to Texas, let alone tell anyone on the team other than Tony Romo.

  28. Promethean Sky says:

    If there’s any fan group that needs to be made fun of, it’s Lions fans. Follow my logic here. With the exception of two or three seasons, the Lions have been the WORST team in the league for somewhere in the neighborhood of FIFTY YEARS. And yet, they sell out every game, got themselves a shiny new stadium recently, and have a psychotically rabid fanbase. You know what happened when the economy tanked and they were at risk of not selling all the seats (leading to blackouts)? Local business started a damn fund to buy up all the unsold seats so everyone could watch the game.

  29. Watcher95 says:

    The Steelers were offered the moniker “America’s Team” by the NFL first (true story) but they turned down prefering to let their football do the talking. Not the marketing people.

    And look which team has won more championships AND sells the most team merchandise?
    Not the Cowboys for sure.

  30. CPC says:

    The Giants ad is probably my favorite of these. The “Troy Barkman” one doesn’t make sense to me. I hadn’t seen the waitress ad until now; it’s okay.

    The Saints finally got an ad too, and it’s really good. Amazing what a Super Bowl win will do. I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves a Falcons fan living in New Orleans.

    Those two have been bitter rivals for decades. They were founded only a year apart, in the same division. They’ve both been to the Super Bowl, with totally different outcomes. Until recently, players would often switch between the two teams, going to whomever paid them more.

  31. Bkhuna says:

    Cowboy fans are some of the most obnoxious fans around. I can understand rooting for the home team if you’re actually from Texas, but why be rabid about a team that’s lost three super bowls when you live a thousand miles away?

  32. blanddragon says:

    Texas…is that still a state? They still think they are their own country. Or believe they will be again. Everyone loves to hate the Cowboys so no foul :-)

  33. PBallRaven says:

    Umm. Those first two ads are not making fun of the Cowboys, but of the Redskins and Eagles, respectivly. Only in the last one is the Cowboys fans the butt of the joke.

  34. energynotsaved says:

    I don’t like the Cowboys, either.

  35. suez says:

    I’m sorry, but ever since they dubbed themselves “America’s Team,” they’ve earned my hatred. I didn’t vote for them!

  36. Dallas_shopper says:

    Actually Cowboys fans aren’t all that thick-skinned, especially after Saturday’s shellacking. I predict lots of pissed-off fans of America’s Team (that’s what they’re called around here) will be switching to U-Verse, Fios, or TWC in the coming days. Seriously.

    • Dallas_shopper says:

      P.S. While I am a Cowboys fan in that I like to see them win, I don’t get upset when they lose. It’s just a game. Hell, I get more upset when my college alma mater (UT-Austin) loses a game. “Upset” consists of “Well, shit. That sucked. Oh well.”

      We’re not all totally insane douchebags. :-)

  37. Sparty999 says:

    Whatever… cowboys fans deserve whatever they get.

  38. Piddles says:

    They couldn’t do Eagles fans in NYC or NJ for that matter. You can get Philly stations at least as far as Central NJ. However Cowboys fans hating the Eagles is still relevant since they are in the same division.

  39. LastError says:

    What I really want to know is why DTV insists on making its subscribers SIT through these stupid ads over and over and over. There isn’t a chance in hell I’ll ever order their football packages and these ads are never going to change my mind.

    People who DO like football probably already know about the packages and will have subscribed. The rest of us either don’t care or don’t want it.

    So who is this selling to? Somebody who likes football a lot but doesn’t know? That seems to be contradictory. If they like it, they already know. If they don’t like it, then they don’t want it. If they don’t know, then they probably don’t want it.

    DirecTV is wasting a lot of airtime on this.

    And all the while, I can’t get them to turn off a premium adult channel I didn’t order and don’t want. Since they say I’m not subscribed to it, they can’t turn it off. DTV really has no clue these days.