Time Warner Cable & Disney To Kiss And Make Up Before Football Season Starts

With only days to go before the NCAA and NFL football seasons kick off, many Time Warner Cable customers have been worried that their cable provider wouldn’t be able to hash out an agreement with Walt Disney Co. and that they’d be without ESPN when they needed it most. But it looks like that crisis will be averted and the companies will work out their differences soon.

The current contract between the media giant and the cable company expires this Thursday, which is the last day of the NFL pre-season and exactly one week before the first game of the regular season. The first NFL game ESPN is Sept. 13.

According to the New York Post, a source says the two parties have “come to terms” on an agreement which, while it still needs to be reviewed by the lawyers, “we don’t anticipate any fireworks.”

Of course, the potential Disney blackout would have also taken ABC away from Time Warner customers, but who cares if you miss the first few weeks of new shows that are only going to get canceled anyway?

Time Warner Cable, Disney set TV deal [NY Post]

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