Fed Up With Being Held Up, Store Owner Adopts No-Cash Policy

After being robbed at gunpoint for the second time in two years, the owner of a novelty shop in Fort Wayne, IN, has decided to no longer accept cash payments.

Rather than close the store following this last heist, in which the clerk’s hands were tied behind her back by the gunman, the owner of Stoner’s Novelty Market heeded the advice of his son and customers who told him to only accept checks and credit and debit cards.

According to Mr. Stoner, cash purchases only accounted for around 25% of the sales at Stoner’s Novelty.

Should more stores switch to this model? Are there types of stores that would definitely be hurt by going to a no-cash system?

NE Ind. novelty store stops accepting cash [IndyStar.com]

Thanks to Gibson for the tip!

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