Ask President Obama About Health Care Reform

Consumer Reports Health is going to the White House next week, to speak directly with President Obama about health reform, and they want your help. Send in your questions, and they may become part of the interview.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

So here’s your chance to give us the questions you’d like President Obama to answer about the new law. Is there something you still don’t understand? Wondering when or whether your own health coverage might be affected? We’re interested in any and all suggestions. Obviously the President is a busy guy and our time with him is limited, so we probably won’t be able to make it through the whole list. But we’ll do our best to get follow-up answers from the White House about questions that we don’t get to ask in the interview.

You can submit your questions as comments on Consumer Reports Health, or send them by email to healthreform (at) cro (dot) consumer (dot) org.

Ask President Obama: What does health reform mean for me? [Consumer Reports Health]

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