Verizon Makes Up For Unreasonable Data Bill Once Story Gets Out

Last week Chris told us about how Verizon victimized his dad by nailing him with a $500 data charge for 35 megabytes of usage. The charges were based on an outdated plan from the Stone Age, and today’s data rates wouldn’t have approached anything near that amount. Verizon wasn’t in the mood to respond to his case until we posted the story Friday. By the end of the weekend, the company issued Chris’s dad a $440 credit.

He writes:

I wanted to update my story about the $500 data charge for the 35 MB of data use at Verizon. I contacted Verizon corporate after The Consumerist posted my story, and shared a link to the story with VZW. Earlier this morning, a Verizon representative contacted me and apologized for the poor treatment I received. This representative also offered to apply the $30/mo. unlimited data charge to both months, reducing the data cost from $500 to $60 (I would prefer a full refund but I will settle on this adjustment, as I will never be able to prove that the data was not used, and I was also assured that no data charges would be placed on that line again).

I say this is another victory for the little guy, thanks to The Consumerist. Cheers Consumerist crew!

Congrats, Chris!

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