Personal Finance Roundup

Three Myths About Earning More Money [Free Money Finance] “If you want to really start earning more money, you’ll need to be able to identify and overcome three big myths of entrepreneurship.”

Win With Low-Cost Mutual Funds [Kiplinger] “A new study by Morningstar found that low-cost funds beat high-cost funds in every time period and data point tested.”

The New Rules of Movie Rentals [Smart Money] “Choosing where to rent movies may soon depend in part on what gadgets you own.”

A Guide to Becoming a Part-Time Bicycle Commuter [Wise Bread] “I was able to make the car to bike transition due to a few variables that I was able to control.”

Toys of the ultra rich: what they cost [CNN Money] “Sure, it’s expensive to buy the toys of the rich and famous. But buying them is just the start – once you have them they cost a small fortune to keep.”


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