Meet The Meat-Man Parfait & Its Layers Of Meaty Goodness

Yesterday, we directed you to the intersection of dessert and dinner with the red velvet fried chicken. Today, we show you what happens when dinner fully invades the dessert realm with the savory layers of the Meat-Man Parfait.

This concoction of the Midstate Meat Co. layers alternating strata of meat (pulled pork, brisket… or both) and garlic mashed potatoes. And instead of hot fudge with a cherry on top, its got barbecue sauce with a cherry tomato for garnish.

You could just make one of these at home. Or you could really piss off the staff at your local barbecue joint by emptying out your water glass and filling it with your dinner. But the actual Meat-Man Parfait is currently on sale at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield until Aug. 22.

Meat-Man Parfait grabs Illinois State Fair’s heart [Chicago Tribune]

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