Does The "S. Larson" Who Always Signs Citibank Customer Letters Really Exist?

For decades, “S. Larson” has been the named that signed the bottom of Citibank’s letters to customers. But does this person actually exist or are they a construct?

Folks online credit the prolific Larson for his/her excellent penmanship and diligent work ethic which seems to do nothing to further their career. Some say they’ve been told she’s fake, others that people at the bank vaguely recall working with a “Sharon” or a “Sandy” Larson. The bank insists the person is real, but refuses all requests to be transferred to that person.

However, using Citibank’s automated directory, WSJ did track down that there was “Sandra” Larson, and this was the message on her voicemail: “Hi, I am in the bank today, just away from my office right now. If you’re calling about a Citi Card account or a refund check, you will need to dial 1-800-950-5114. Otherwise, leave your name and number, and I’ll return your call shortly. Thank you.”

Proof positive that there really is an S. Larson, President of Customer Care? Or just another wrinkle in the decepticon?

Mystery Writer: Does Citibank’s S. Larson Really Exist? [WSJ via]

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