Dell Accused Of Cutting And Pasting Text, Withholding Emails, In Defective 11.8 Million PCs Suit

Dell is accused of providing altered and incomplete emails from among its top execs, the latest turn in a lawsuit that alleges the computer maker of selling and then covering up 11.8 defective PCs.

Thursday plaintiff A.I.T. said Dell was withholding evidence, giving up only a “talking points memo” that was sent to founder Mr. Dell and then chief exec Kevin Rollins. Other emails they turned over in discovery appeared to have been cut and pasted, according to an affidavit filed by a digital forensics expert.

Dell disputed the claims and planned to file their response soon. “We take all court orders and our obligations to comply with them very seriously,” a Dell spokesman told NYT.

Dell Accused of Concealing Evidence in PC Suit [NYT] (Thanks to Stannous!)

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