Walmart Employees Asked To Stay Behind While Flood Waters Rise?

Earlier today, firefighters in Ames, Iowa, rescued around 30 employees trapped inside a Walmart as flood waters rose around them. But what were they doing in the store to begin with.

On Tuesday night, the city had given Walmart managers the heads-up that flood waters were imminent. And when the water level rose quickly on Wednesday morning, the employees still inside the store were unable to leave.

A spokesperson for the town appeared unsure as to why there was still anyone in the store at 10 a.m. this morning, telling the DesMoines Register that “some employees apparently were asked to stay back or decided to stay back.”

Some of the Walmart workers had to swipe some life jackets from the store’s sporting goods section because the firefighters didn’t have enough to go around.

Making matters worse, the water was moving too quickly for firefighters to reach the stranded workers with a rescue boat. The city had to bring in a dump truck and an end loader from its public works dept. to aid in the rescue.

We’ve reached out to city officials for more information about why the Walmart employees were still inside the store.

Ames Wal-Mart employees rescued from rising flood waters [DesMoines Register]

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