Are Upside-Down Tomato Planters No Good?

A tipster sent us a link to this short advice column on gardening at, where the author says upside-down planters in general aren’t that great, and in dry hot summers are particularly bad for your tomatoes.

Patriot-News writer and gardener George Weigel writes:

Tomatoes do best growing in good soil in the ground, but if that’s not an option, the second best idea is growing them in pots — the bigger the better. My guess is that Topsy-Turvys will turn out to be a fad that disappears in a year or two.

Do any Consumerist readers have experience with upside-down planters? I’ve always wondered whether they provided any actual utility that made them a better investment than ordinary planters.

“No Topsy-Turvy tomatoes” [PennLive] (Thanks to Erin!)

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