HP Happy To Fix My Computer For Free After I Took Them To Small Claims Court

Do you have a defective computer that the manufacturer refuses to repair? Emmanuel has some advice for you: take ’em to court. Facing a constantly rebooting laptop, he tells Consumerist that HP was only willing to fix it if he paid a $225 fee. Unsatisfied with this solution, he filed in small claims court, and the company offered to fix it for free. As long as he drops the case.

I took HP to small claims court, and HP now wants to fix a laptop for free.

Here is whats up, I got a HP DV6208NR laptop a couple of years ago from Best Buy. The wireless signal was having some issues but I didn’t think much of it. Then one day all of a sudden the screen wont turn on, and the computer restarts itself non stop. I did some research and found out that many if not most owners of the laptop have the same issues.

So I found a link on HP’s own website describing the symptoms my laptop was having. I call up HP saying I want my laptop fixed and they told me no, I can however pay a discount rate of $225 to fix it. I told them no, your laptop broke because of the parts HP used not from me breaking it.

After filing in small claims court, about a week goes by and HP legal team gives me a call. HP would like to fix my laptop for Free if I drop the case…..which I will do once my laptop is fixed.

Tip to your readers, fight them in court.

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