Best Buy Replaces Your TV, Forgets About It, Offers You Another

Reader Wayne is an honest person. His Best Buy Insignia TV died and so, of course, he brought it back to the store. They kept it for a little while, decided they couldn’t fix it, and replaced it with a similar model. Then they forgot they did this.

We join Wayne after his first replacement TV has died:

Well, I bring that one back, and by this time I found out Insignia was a Best Buy brand. I also noticed once I got to my local Best Buy, there was a the shelf of other Insignia products that had been returned.

Well, this time the lady had a Geek Squad rep look at it and then I hear it has to be shipped off to be fixed. I’m thinking to myself “why not replace the stupid thing?”.

I also found out that I might be waiting about a month for it to get fixed and find out the status. Well, I eventually got that call and that they couldn’t fix it and said to come down and work out a deal. They no longer carried that same model so they replaced it with a like model.

About a week after the TV was replaced they had no clue they even gave it to me. I don’t know if they didn’t have a record of it or if the record was lost but they called me not knowing that the TV was replaced. Sure, I could have collected that second TV but do I really want two pieces of crap?

You make an excellent point, Wayne.

We can’t help but wonder, however, if there’s someone out there also named Wayne calling Best Buy and telling them there’s no possible way they already picked up their replacement TV…

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