DC Safeway Sells Truffles

Fancy people living in DC can satisfy their truffle craving by heading over to a Safeway in Georgetown, which is selling the hypogeous delicacy for $999.99/lb.

You usually have to go to a specialty store or have an underground connection to get truffles, so it’s very odd to see these on the shelves of a name-brand retail supermarket.

Truffles are often preserved in rice to absorb moisture. I have circled the two visible truffles in red.

The truffle market has traditionally been monopolized by Europeans, but the Safeway truffles are grown on US soil. Which is good, because with times being what they are, Beltway dinner-makers might be calculating that if you’re going to indulge in excess, at least buy American.

By Far the Most Expensive Thing at Safeway [The Georgetown Metropolitan] (Thanks to Grant!)