Amazon Offers To Connect With Your Facebook Account

Remember Beacon? This is not Beacon, Amazon wants you to know. The retailer has launched a new program where you can connect your Amazon account to your Facebook account, but it promises it won’t broadcast your purchases or bug your friends. Instead, the connection seems designed to funnel all the likes and favorites on your Facebook account (and those of your friends as well) into Amazon’s giant brain, so it can refine its shopping recommendations. Oh, and it will remind you of upcoming birthdays.

“Amazon, Facebook Team Up for Shopping Recommendations” []


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  1. Yankees368 says:

    ugh, Beacon. what a giant cluster*#&$ that project was. I really dislike facebook integration into any other pages I visit, as there is really no way to turn it off.

    • Rocket says:

      Make sure you are not logged in to Facebook, when on other pages.

    • Pax says:

      Yes, there is. And here is how:

      On the top right, click the arrow next to “Account”; select “Privacy settings”.

      On the bottom left, should be a small section labelled “Applications nd Websites”. There’s a link in there to “Edit your settings” – click it.

      The top section of the page that comes up is “What you’re using” – and right undr all the little icons is a link to “Remove unwanted or spammy ap[plications”. Click that.

      A list pops up – click the checkbox next to any/all of what you want gone, then click the confirmation button at the bottom of the list.

      Voila – that _should_ do the ticket.

      • Fidget says:

        Yes, but it resets once you have activity on those sites again. So you’d still have to make sure you aren’t logged into facebook before visiting Amazon.

        • Rectilinear Propagation says:

          Try choosing the option to turn off all platform apps, games, and web sites. It’s in the same place as “Remove Unwanted or spammy applications”.

          If you use Opera you could always try opening Facebook in a private tab.

  2. dvdchris says:

    No, thank you

  3. HoJu says:

    Sure. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this, in that there is absolutely no way this could go wrong.

  4. Polish Engineer says:

    So basically Amazon would prefer not to have to buy your information from Facebook, so they are now asking you to give it up for free.

    I just don’t understand the idea behind having your Facebook profile be the foundation of your internet experience. Every website wants to customize themselves to match your favorite movies, books, and activities? I think I’ll pass.

    Personally, I see this as a great way to limit as opposed to expand your exposure to new things. Sites will only show you the things they can drag off your Facebook page and suddenly your only buying CDs from the same 5 artists and reading only the news stories that support your world view….

  5. baddate says:


  6. LostMyMind says:

    Unfortunately, Amazon adding this “feature” to their “My” page for customized recommendations and the like has taken away precious screen real estate. Maybe they are after me to buy a new widescreen monitor or something. I wish they would allow for us Non-Facebookers or ones that do not desire to link up their Facebook account to at least turn that off or move it out of the way since it takes up room for my customized recommedations from past purchases and ratings that I like to scroll through.

  7. HogwartsProfessor says:

    Nah, I don’t need to do this. Amazon has recommendations that are pretty good already based on my purchases. And I don’t click on those “I like [insert band/movie/music]” links anyway on Facebook.