Secret Of The In-N-Out Burger Revealed?

A chef at NYC restaurant Lure claims he’s uncovered the secret of what makes the burgers at West Coast burger joint In-N-Out burger so tasty.

According to Josh Capon, he snuck backstage at an In-N-Out during a trip to Las Vegas and picked up some tips that he now uses on the burger he serves at Lure.

The key, says Capon is this: After you throw the patty on the grill, slather the uncooked side with Dijon mustard before you flip it. He says that the mustard flavor will cook off, but the process enhances the flavor of the beef.

If anyone tries this over the weekend, feel free to let us know the results.

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Lure’s Josh Capon Knows the Secret to the In-N-Out Burger [NBC New York]

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