Redbox Testing Game Rentals, Higher Prices

As anyone who has followed the nosedive of Blockbuster knows, it’s dangerous for a company in the video business to be too staid. Thus, DVD kiosk company Redbox is dipping its toes into the video game market at the same time it’s also testing out higher price points in some areas.

Redbox has already begun charging up to $2 for Blu-ray offerings, but they’re now testing various price points for regular DVDs in five markets — $1.50 in Albuquerque, $1.25 in Modesto, Calif., and San Diego, $1.15 in Spokane, Wash., and Miami/West Palm Beach.

Redbox says these higher price points aren’t necessarily permanent nor are they indicators of an impending across-the-board price hike.

“We plan to continue the test until we can understand the implications,” a Coinstar spokesman said. “There is no definitive end date.”

Meanwhile, Kotaku says that Redbox is now testing games for $2 each at some kiosks in Nevada, North Carolina and Texas (perhaps others). Unfortunately, those who have checked out these game-renting boxes weren’t terribly thrilled with the selection or how titles were divvied up by the various consoles:

Only 28 percent of kiosks were renting Wii games, despite the fact that console is found in nearly 29 million American homes, the highest penetration of any. Inversely, PS3 titles were found in 39 percent of kiosks, despite having the lowest market penetration. Xbox 360 games accounted for the other third.

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